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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pimps for nuclear are still trying to get away with the "Banana analogy"

This one is on "The Truth Wins" who is the author who broke the "28 Signs the West Coast is Absolutely Getting Fried With Radiation"

The PIMP is a self stated nuclear operator for the US Navy, David McFarland

We know how that it's safer to eat a Tuna Steak from Fukushima than a banana when you're talking about contamination. This isn't comparable to the "scientists" of old believing mice spawned from straw, this is comparable to them noticing that mice physically existed.

More TRUTH ==You argue gibberish. Are you connected to the nuclear industry financially?
Your banana fallacy is disproven and is essentially junk science thought up by public relations monkeys.
Radioactive cesium is the issue, chimp.
PIMP: So you're saying you trust public relation junkies with vague information (and false assumptions) rather than a guy who actually measured contamination in Japan following Fukushima and is nuclear trained.
I don't argue jibberish. I use bananas because they sound ridiculous and they are something you don't freak out over. No one freaks out over a banana. So when I say that the levels are very banana-like, why would you freak out over them?
I hate the unit "becquerel." It's like trying to use a nanometer to measure a centimeter. It's rarely useful. You can say something has twenty terabecquerels of contamination, and it could actually do nothing at all, whereas something with something with ten kilobecquerels could very well be harmful.
People need to stop talking about becquerels without providing any additional information. Radiation emitted. Strength of those particles. Biological half-lives. Actual half-lives. Concentration. Method of dispersion. All of those things are important and critical to figuring out how harmful they are.
I challenge anyone to say more facts aren't useful on this matter.

TRUTH: Jesus, if you don't understand the falseness of the Banana analogy, you are in sad shape to be pimping nuke
PIMP" How is it false? Cesium -137 decays at 110% the power of Potassium-40. It has a biological half-life of 70 days to Potassium's 16 days.
So, if you eat the Tuna around Fukushima, currently contaminated at 15 becquerels/100kg (a single banana weighing .12kg has 15 becquerels), that means you can - if you do the math, eat more than 20 Tuna Steaks weighing 1kg each, and, - with the assumption that you don't expel any cesium until day 70 - you'll get as much of a dose as you would a singular banana.
I use bananas because they sound ridiculous - because it is. It's a perfectly valid argument.
Do the math again, and you'll find a banana is 166 times more radioactive than the Tuna around Fukushima if you do it by kilogram.
I find many of these doctors to be a bit nonsensical, as they seem to be implying that cesium stays in the body - it does not. You expel all cesium from your body within 70 days.
I still have yet see anyone providing any information stating the falseness of the banana analogy, whereas I've provided the math.
It requires knowledge of the difference between Radiation, Contamination. Dose, Radiation Levels, and conversions. If you don't know the difference between any of those, you don't even know Radiation 101
TRUTH" LOL because the body self regulates level of potassium, and ALL potassium in the world has same level of radioactivity. So there is zero net change. Your statement of "all cesium is expelled in 70 days" is laughably false. The biological half life of cesium is 70 or 90 days. AND if you continue to intake rad cesium, then your level does not fall off with time.
Whether you know it or not, you are a pimp for radiation death. Stop that!

PIMP: Your own potassium irradiates you more than anything you'll eat from Fukushima. (More importantly, unless you live in Japan, my body will irradiate me more than anything I'll cumulatively eat that's been contamination by Fukushima. I still eat sushi, and my dose readings are still fine.) Your body doesn't instantly reject extra potassium, and it constantly needs more.
All, "continue to intake Cs-137" is the key phrase. It doesn't stick around that long.

TRUTH: Potassium is spread evenly throughout the has been in us for millions of years.    Some ability to repair single strand breaks at the cellular level has been gained, works pretty good.    Because of the even spread, particular cells/DNA DO NOT get multiple attacks as when you have a PARTICLE of cesium bound into your muscle or heart, like an MMA fighter delivering multiple blows to the same tissue.   

not the same thing at all.

Your body DOES quickly, as in within 8 hours reject excess potassium.      You try not to lie by saying INSTANTLY

You are a pimp for death that ought to know better, there is a special place in hell waiting for you.


  1. Your Nuclear Pimp, David McFarlandDecember 30, 2013 at 1:28 PM

    Oh, the guys at work are going to love this.

    I've done the internal dose surveys, I've done them on myself, calibrated the equipment, and I was exposed to the plumes. I work on the USS George Washington, which was exposed to the plumes, and I know guys from the Reagan who did likewise. Despite my being military, I actually won't benefit from the nuclear industries financial dealings whatsoever. All you guys have done is improperly cite sources and make assumptions. Enough said.

  2. Your Nuclear Pimp, David McFarlandDecember 30, 2013 at 1:48 PM

    You want something better than bananas? How about how much you irradiate yourself due to K-40? 390 microSieverts a year, versus the 40 microSieverts the people of Tokyo got from Fukushima?

    1. Dude, potassium is bananas. And your units are off, internal exposure due to K is 40 microSv per year. The amount that people received in Japan cannot possibly be assume by any TEPCO or Gov reported "data" as they lie through their freaken teeth.

      Humans are "used to" potassium, we evolved with it. It is evenly spread out in our cells and there are repair mechanisms. Not so with cesium, strontium and other crap that was "gifted" to the people of Japan.

      Japan Gov was fine with kids getting a 50000 microseivert dose per year.

    2. Your Nuclear Pimp, David McFarlandDecember 31, 2013 at 7:48 PM

      40 millirem annually - not 40 microsieverts. Your units are wrong. 40 millirem is 400 microsieverts, ~390 of which, or 39 millirem, is due to K-40.
      Being in Tokyo, I received only a fraction more radiation from Fukushima compared to what I was getting from cosmic/solar radiation.

      Humans are "used to potassium..." So you're saying you can get used to betas and gammas is like saying you can get used to stab-wounds.
      Yes, the human body can recover from radiation, but it's not just potassium-caused radiation we can recover from.

      Cesium and strontium radiation is also spread throughout the body, whereas potassium is a bit more centralized, meaning it more "focuses," the internal dose. Still, at least in the Tokyo area, internal dose was not a concern.
      My data, as far as the internal dose in the Tokyo area, wasn't collected by TEPCO. It was collected by me; I was actually one of the guys helping to provide the US Government with their data, so I know when they are lying or not. Having access to various radiacs and giant boxes that measure your internal dose is quite wonderful.

    3. Post your data from Japan

    4. Sorry for the insanely late reply. I only just now saw that request because I just remembered my great new nickname from you guys.

      I know you'll never trust anything I say, like how the Tokyo Area only got 4mrem total following the incident, or how eating a "contaminated" Pacific Salmon will net you, over 70 days, the same amount of radiation exposure as living for ONE MINUTE due to natural sources, so I'm calling for an assist here:

    5. David David, that site is a pimp job for radiation! total effort to minimize!

      The human body cannot be modeled as a bag of water with energy being deposited, which is the ICRP model.


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