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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Slapback to a Nuke Pimp Reporter

I wrote a slapback email to a newspaper reporter who was promoting nuke.

Here is his story in the link

His email is posted in his article, and is thus

Feel free to let him know how you feel

In your article, you state that Beta cannot penetrate clothing or skin.

After you complain that radiation education is what is needed.

Alpha will not penetrate skin
Beta will penetrate a few CM

Alpha packs 20 times the punch if it gets in your body.    And to avoid inhalation means you have to wear a proper mask 24//7.

The natural baseline of radiation is pretty low, the expert lie by 800% to inflate the baseline so that new radiation doesn’t look as bad.

Our experts have failed us at every level

The WHO is subjugated to the nuke industry, and IAEA which are nuke promoters.

Geiger counters are a great first line of knowledge, pretending that a Geiger is useless, is an attempt at creating “learned helplessness” so that sheeple will just trust their leaders because “that stuff is too complicated for me”.    Although you don’t know the isotope on a Geiger click, it is still invaluable information.    

Looks like you drank the Koolaid dude.

Try this as the red pill


  1. There is a big effort underway to fill the media with these fake stories about how radiation from Fukushima is no threat.
    Here is brazen one from the UK version of WIRED magazine, The Register - -

    If the Fukushima crisis has proved one thing, it's that nuclear power is safe. Everything that could possibly go wrong did, the accident was agreed to be at the top of the international scale for seriousness, and yet in decades to come scientists will not be able to attribute any deaths to radiation released from the Daiichi plant.

    1. short link

    2. Amazing, I cannot believe that I am witnessing this play out.


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