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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Excitement in the Early Days of Nuclear

There is a series of 5 videos on YouTube, showing 2 test at Bikini Atoll which screwed up Bikini forever.     But the thing to note, is the pride, the intense documentation of every aspect of the preparation and placement of ships.    Also noted is the destruction and partial torturous damages to many farm animals that were placed on the ships. 

Some animals were shaven to get a more realistic effect of the radiation on human skin.

If you listen to the video's you will see how "impressed" we are with ourselves, no one ever questioning the long term effects or implications.    Only the "need" to assess the damages caused by these bombs (number 4 and 5 ever blown up), and to get ready for the "nuclear age".

I have watched other nuclear detonations, and in all cases, the explosion and mushroom cloud/plume are described as "beautiful".    What the heck are they thinking?   Beautiful? 

They recognize the danger of the radiation as a destructive force, and then they dismiss any further danger by stating that once the plume is sufficiently diluted, there is no need to worry or track it any further.    In these cases, they are talking about 45 minutes.

And so it begins!   The Ego and Lies are coming right out of the gate.

Watch the videos below and if you need more, here are 125 videos on nuclear explosions


  1. Revisionist history shouldnt impugn the Nuclear Age. Its is part of our history. For better or worse.

    1. However it does the attitude under which the whole miltary industrial program was generated. A sense of need, entitlement, grandeur, and being full of ourselves. Bombs all described as Magnificent!

      Dangers downplayed, animals stripped of their fur so their deaths would more closely resemble a humans, a land destroyed, and a people allowed to move back, only to be destroyed.

      We are not revising any history, pointing out the errors of history.

      thanks for complying with blog guideline on decorum.


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