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Monday, December 2, 2013

Washingtons Blog post on Radiation and some helpful clarifications

George writes better than me, but I know more, hehe

Here is the link to Washingtons Blog.

He has quite a good amount of background material and most of it is correct.   However, the average person won't remember all that detail, and thus be distracted by "too much information", in particular, don't get bogged down with the nutrition and various foods. 

1) Brazil nuts are highly radioactive the highest nut. I wouldn't take that to get selenium

2) Dosing on Prussian Blue to remove Cesium is CORRECT

3) All the fancy nutritional stuff is really overkill. When you are in a radiation dosing environment, you will not have time to run to the organic store and learn to cook good stuff. ALL you need for antioxidant is a big bottle of Vitamin C, and some E, but don't overdose on E you can get too much of that.   The body self regulates the level of Vitamin C so you don't have to worry about taking too much of C.

4) Talking about EDTA or DTPA or any other chelating element, without mentioning that they also strip out ALL the heavy metals in your body and you sure as heck need some. Well in a SHTF radiation environment, you might feel that you are "prepared" because you got some DTPA, but this is a serious serious thing to do, and without the knowledge and having the replacement heavy metals on the shelf, you may just have a false sense of security, or will just kill yourself. You can't count on medical help being available. So be realistic. If you are a real prepper, you best know that you need a lot more than the printed list and some DTPA in the shelter box.

5) The shelter box, what do you need? Its all here in a nice checklist.

and Radiation Removal

6) George talks about a HEPA vacuum, but you really need several room HEPA filters, and really they are useful and helpful in every house even during just normal times.

7) Get a Geiger and learn how to use it!

8) Stay out of the rain and snow unless you tested it with your Geiger

9) Vitamin D is stated as being helpful in radiation protection.   Interestingly enough, low levels of D are found in 3/4 of all cancer patients.    And low levels of D also cause SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder, which in a shelter in place scenario, you can be assured you are going to be low on sunlight and exercise, both which can bring on a mini-depression which is the last thing you need in an emergency.     No offense to Washington's blog, because they are GREAT, but they leave the Vitamin D in a vague state of needing the "calcitriol, the active form of vitamin D".     I hate that confusing stuff, since is not yet actionable.    However, the answer is simple and clear, what you need is Vitamin D3, for radiation, which happens to also be the perfect treatment for SAD (low light and low exercise).  

Also, D3 is reported to boost your immune system, and basically, if you take D3, you won't get colds or flu.

Be safe out there, prepare.


  1. Do I really have to point out that the Brazil Nut is not actually a nut, it's a seed masquerading as a nut? According to Dr. Roger, anyway. Just like the hazelnut.


    P.S. Thank you, for the wonderfully informative blog. You are one of Sagan's candles.

    1. Yes, you have to point that out.....and you are welcome

  2. When you say the beta carotene form of vitamin E do you mean Vitamin A ?

    1. Yes, thanks for clarifying, I was writing from memory and memory had senior moment, lol. I added some text and links.

    2. Forgot to take my Ginko Biloba, LOL!

  3. Check out the youtube video interview of Dr. John Cannell on vitamin D. (Also- the best form is Vitamin D3).

    1. Great link! I added it to the bottom of the article! Fights colds and flu well


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