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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Asteroids Expected through the next week ISON

Earth is flying through the debris tail of ISON.

The think tank "experts" state that all the debris will be fine "dust" that won't even burn up in the atmosphere, it might glow a bit, and then will drift down over years as dust.

The "experts" stated that the Russia Asteroid that injured 2000 people was completely unrelated to the other Asteroid that was being watched.  

I calculated the odds that the events were completely coincidental.     There is one chance in 539 Million that it was a coincidence.     But because it took the experts by surprise, they want to pretend it was just coincidence.    We did a warning about "Debris Field In Front Of Asteroids"

Also did you know that the Great Chicago Fire and the Peshtigo fire were not caused by a cow kicking a lantern, but was in fact a massive meteor attack, that created 15 major fires over a period of 4 days.     The year was 1871.    I have the world best compilation of evidence on this attack here.

After the Russia meteor strike there were additional strikes in Cuba and San Fran that didn't make the news.  

So as we fly through ISON debris anything is possible.   Picture what a large blast over Chicago would do.   But the experts predict "fine dust" only.     The experts say that ISON was spewing 112,000 pounds of "dust" every minute.    And that at no time would a large chunk come off.     Say an 8' boulder couldn't come off.

I built an Asteroid Calculator, which is here, its a free download as Excel.   Enter the size of your space rock, and the calculator turns it into an equivalent amount of nuclear bombs.    Yes they really do have that energy.     Maybe I should make it into an equivalent amounts of Reactor 3's filled with MOX.

Asteroid Calculator in Excel

Oh, by the way....just in case its not all dust, that 8' rock has the energy of 60% of an average atomic bomb.   

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