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Thursday, August 7, 2014

CS134 /CS137 Ratio and Food Chain in Alaska - Dangerous Levels of Radioactivity

Lichens in Alaska were tested in June 2011 and had extremely high levels of both Cesium 134 and Cesium 137.    Around 6000 to 8000 pCi/ kg.

And the ratio of 134 to 137 was around .8.     What that means is that all of this cesium is directly attributed to Fukushima.

Here is the full report you can download, its big

Alaska 2011 Radiation in Food Sources Report 300 pages

Here is how it works.     CS137 has a half life of 30 years, CS134 has half life of 2 years.    So if the radiation was from 4 years ago, the CS would fall to around 25% of where it started.

It just so happens that the 137 and 134 quantities are about a 1 to 1 ratio at the beginning, with some variance based on the degree of fuel burnup.   Color chart below shows actual test results for Fuku.   The ratio was about .85.

The actual ratio measured in the lichens was right around .80 on average.   So all of this is due to Fukushima

Got it?    The lowest level of the food chain is highly contaminated.   That was 2011, they are not planning on testing again until 2016.   Does that make any sense?


  1. I told the Northwest Arctic borough and the Kotzebue IRA about the lichen going thru a wild growth spurt and no one listens - TV says don't worry all is safe... believe their lies if you want but now I come across this article which specifically talks about high radiation levels in the lichen - for me just a little bit of vindication but troubling just the same considering the huge drop in caribou populations lately and how they love to eat lichen and we love to eat them

    1. Indeed, I would love to see another round of real testing like this one. bio accumulation especially as it moves up the food chain is of critical importance.

      stock out


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