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Thursday, January 9, 2014

From American Phoenix, a Quick Comparison of Chernobyl and Fukushima, The Big Picture

1986 Chernobyl – 195 days till containment. A single uranium powered nuclear plant without plutonium (MOX) fuel and NO spent fuel pools, located far from any ocean in the middle of what was then the Soviet Socialist Republic of Ukraine was running at low power had a partial meltdown, exploded and burned for ten days until an army of half a million “liquidators” buried it and entombed it in a concrete sarcophagus. It sent a plume of radioactive particles 2 kilometers into the atmosphere – equivalent in toxicity to 400 Hiroshima bombs. It contaminated forty percent of Europe and Central Asia. A thousand kilometers in all directions are permanently contaminated. It has slowly killed a million people and destroyed the DNA of millions more.


2011 Fukushima – 1034 days still no containment. Three uranium and plutonium powered nuclear plants and four large spent fuel pools, located on the shores of Eastern Japan were running at full power, had triple "China Syndrome" meltdowns, exploded and two hundred tons of radioactive fuel burned up into the atmosphere and burned down into the groundwater aquifer that empties into the Pacific Ocean. For over two and a half years an army of ten thousand down on their luck contract workers have tried to mop it up and then filter and save the mop water. It didn’t work. It can never be stopped. It sent a plume of radioactive particles 5 kilometers into the atmosphere – equivalent in toxicity to 6000+ Hiroshima bombs. It has permanently contaminated 50 percent of Japan and portions of East Asia. Three thousand square kilometers of the Pacific and growing are permanently contaminated. It has begun to slowly kill millions of people in the northern hemisphere and destroy the DNA of billions more for generations to come.

sources and citations intentionally withheld to irritate banana suckers.

Also you can see here what happens when you go to a pro-nuke site and try to drop a comment, LOL

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