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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fukushima, Deal With the Nightmare, NOW

The world is very early on in this era ending tragedy. The infinite
complexity of reality already has reared back on its haunches like
Godzilla, and laughed at every scientist. Infinity is the big IF, when one is trying to predict what effects will take place given the enormity
of the nuclear calamity at hand. The Pacific Ocean is a very big place. It is in fact, the Pacific Ocean is the biggest place on earth.
There is really very little humanity can do, except pray this is not the
end of the world. And in the exceedingly fortuitous event that this is
NOT the end of humanity, everyone has the choice to demand a stop to
all the scientific madness that historically has so recklessly tempted
fate within this infinitely complex reality upon which every human being
relies for life and sustenance.
It is categorically true that there is scientific knowledge being
discovered every day now, that humanity has no capacity to deal with,
coexist along side of, or harness toward any possible benefit to our humanity. Science is like witchcraft, exactly like witchcraft, only it is much more powerful, so
much more powerful science is not something human beings are capable of
controlling. Science has overpowered humanity time and again.
Let us all pray, that neither we nor our progeny succumb to the latest scientific
manifestation of the worst case scenario nightmare so often honestly portrayed about science, in
sci-fi movies. Do not be fooled by reports out of the press, main stream media or otherwise. Fukushima is in a constant state of fission every day now. The amount of radioactive poisons being poured into the Pacific Ocean, -DAILY-, is way beyond anything any scientist ever dreamed was possible.
But it is possible. And only a very long time will tell how devastating the effects of Fukushima will be. There is no waking from this nightmare. We all will live with Fukushima the rest of our lives.

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  1. Acceptance of a fate beyond human control; our only realistic and sane option since birth.


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