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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nice calculator Bq to grams

This is a super smart calculator, you just type in your request in fairly normal english, and it figures out what you want to calculate, and then calculates it, AND presents more useful related data also.


  1. The plume you illustrate as a result of your calculations, is that an on-going trajectory or was that a one-event release. Thank you for the clarification and info.

    1. The plume is based on one time release, aka "puff", and they did exhale.

      Apparently they just now fessed up that 13 employees took internal contaimination of Am and that means Pu also.

      They have been venting the mine, and .03% at least is bypassing the filters, they don't have replacement filters on hand, they are very special filters, and they are coming up with a plan to replace the filters. hmmmm....seems like that should have already been part of any decent activity hazard analysis.

      They got no plan, and they got their employees lungs filled with Plutonium. Are you getting that warm and fuzzy feeling yet?


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