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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Not Actually Ready for a Carrington

I am not actually ready for a Carrington.   At my current house I have 15 modern high wattage solar panels ready to hookup, but not hooked up.   I have the complete system and knowledge to deploy a full house battery backup system.    But not the batteries.

In every other aspect I am ready to live "off grid" for a  long time.

Let's hope this is not "the big one", note to self: get those darn batteries in the next month or two even if they are several thousand dollars.

IN the movie and picture they express time in Universal Time (Greenwich England as the baseline) its called UTC.     UTC-5 hours = Eastern Standard Time

Here is the space weather movie link

Here is a picture of what is predicted

Here is a UTC time converter in case that is handy

Tokyo was looking pretty hot yesterday, looks nice and green today.   The winds were perfectly from Fukushima yesterday.

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