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Friday, April 11, 2014

Oppenheimer Trinity and The Devil Took His Soul

I am become death, destroyer of worlds Here is a short clip of Oppenheimer and his famous quote above. A reader has suggested the the strange head twist (at 14 seconds in) as he begins his statement of I am Become Death is actually the devil entering his body. It sure is odd. And look at his face, the stress, the introspection, the resignment.
Here is a long documentary, over 1 hour, on The Day After Trinity
One commenter stated----
I wish I could have told Dr. Oppenheimer: - "Thank you for what you have done for us and the burden you carry for your discovery. Now let us share the weight of your discovery and act responsibly for the future of the human race. Your efforts are not to be feared or demonized, but praised for the courage it took to continue forward. Whether we persevere or destroy ourselves is in our hands and you should bear no guilt for what you have accomplished."
 I don't think I can be quite so encouraging or forgiving.   Many of these scientists operate out of ego, trying to play God with matter.  They do bear the burden of the evil they have unleashed on mankind. I haven't reviewed this video at this time, 27 minute interview with Oppenhiemer


  1. Thanks, Stock. Hard for me to watch Oppenheimer, but, over the years, I have watched that clip more times than I should have. Gives one a sick feeling, no? Compare him to Gofman onscreen. One has a soul, other one doesn't.

  2. BTW, the video "Here is a long documentary, over 1 hour, on The Day After Trinity" says that video does not exist???
    On youtube site says
    "This video is unavailable.
    Sorry about that."


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