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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Re-De-Bunking the "Sleeping Next to Someone" Lie

Humor about some of the classic lies of the nuclear village

From ENENEWS of course

Chernobyl was just like eating a banana. Fukushima was just like flying in a jet. Above-ground testing was like a dental x-ray.
Now can I get my degree in nuclear engineering? Those were the correct answers on the test. This is what all the other nuclear engineers say on blogs. I forgot – no one died!
Ya, and TMI was like sleeping next to someone.

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TMI burped out less than 10 curies to the environment. There are radiation sources used in NDA that are stronger.
You are astute to know that 2 mrem/night is the dose you get from sleeping next to someone. Depending on your proclivity you may be pitching or catching your own "internal emitter". LOL.

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PS Troll above is lying
This is a "lying factor" of 625500%

I did the debunk on this last year....its a quick interesting read.    All these pro-nukers pick up on the same old lie and keep spouting them out.   

Sleeping next to someone, as Calculated by the Nuke Pro
0.001167 mSv per year -- Calculated by the Nuke Pro

compared to

7.3 mSv as promoted by a nuclear promoter.     
Here is the debunk in full

Disinformation. Met-Ed/NRC admitted to 15 curies iodine-131. And more than 13 million curies of nobles, mostly xenon. While that's not all of what all went out, it's well more than 10 curies. Certifiable nuclear-written history, available to one and all in the Kemeny TATF reports.

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