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Monday, January 13, 2014

Trolls create Sock Nauseum, funny stuff.


Hey Folks, I am going to hang it up for now.
I can't get my message out when even comment is capped by a troll.
I am going to leave my blog up for historical purposes, and so those interested can link to some fresh facts rather than regurgitated stuff, but for the most part I got better things to be doing than getting shouted out by an ignoramous.
Nuke Pro Out

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  • Questionit
    A couple new ones have shown up to work in unison. You have to read the comments early to see if there is anything of interest, after that it just gets polluted.
    I haven't made several comments due to it and find myself just skimming the articles.
    Beginners will get turned off to it.
    It was useful for awhile but it's only going to get worse. If you find another site start up that finds a way to screen out the govt trolls try to let it known. (But then I probable won't see the post anyway)

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    • clamshellernh
      I have been here for two or so years and it's the nature of the game I have just started posting I the past month feeling way too stupid to join in and still do at times . But I feel we need each other in this most horrible mess humans have got us into . Not to mention the info .
      Me as far as forums go , I feel this is one of the best sites for this information plus the folks here I have grown abit fond of . I do not feel we run the risk of scaring new folks off . So if your new welcome and keep coming . Your faith may be tested. At times but that's a good thing .

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  • onedman
    dang, a trusted voice…say it ain't so…you are needed here…hope you get that message…I like your blog but here you kinda keep things in order…so come back a.s.a.p.

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  • Sickputer
    We'll miss you. Stock.
    Take a break…I've posted over 150,000 times in 25 years. Sometimes even I need to take a walk about. But not now. I'm on a fact revealing mission for my family and yours. I walk through Forum flames with my bathing suit on…untouched.
    "But I've never touched nothin'
    That my spirit couldn't kill.
    You know I've seen a lot of people walking 'round
    With tombstones in their eyes.
    But the nuke pusher don't care
    If you live — or if you die."

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  • eatliesndie eatliesndie
    Much respect to you stock.

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    can't tell you what to do, Stock, but putting it on the side is the last thing you should be doing. Regardless what anyone else may think or say, I've long considered you an invaluable guide and resource. There are obviously other ways of dealing with those we differ with, than walking off the set…

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