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Friday, February 21, 2014

Big Utilities trying to Crush Solar, Classic Hitman Approach

The economic hitman is swinging back against clean energy.

Northeast Utilities prefers to crush solar and instead build a 1.5B transmission line so they can increase their profits by 50% through legislated profits on the construction of the transmission line.
It should be noted that utilities average around a 30% delivery of electricity compared to the energy in the original fuel source.    There are losses throughout the system.   Only 30% gets delivered.

If you have solar on your house, you produce and consume within the space of 80 feet of wire, on average.   The losses are negligible, you have an effective delivery efficiency of 96% to 97%.   

But the big utilities can't make money on your solar, and the government can't tax your solar.   Got it?
Link here for the article on Northeast Utilities by Cleantechnica

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