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Friday, February 7, 2014

Definitely some increased radtiaion in the water of Hawaii

On a "working"/ research trip I took a gallon of ocean water from near shore, Diamond Head area.     boiled off half a gallon in a frying pan.      Leaving quite a bit more salt than one might think!

After the rains have stopped, the air CPM has reverted to 24 to 27 CPM.    But when the Inspector is put over the evaporated salt and "stuff", it pegs 35 to 38 on a regular basis.

Now figure areas that get hit with high winds and salt spray.    People are breathing this in.    Its in your fish and octopus and squid.   
I was surprised to see a 50% increase over background.

Fukushima is here.   Now what?

Lemon Balm has some promise for long term low level radiation exposure, I will start researching and growing. 

And a reader at ENENEWS has compiled these other links to radiation

Mack Mack

The Hawaii Senators might also want to inquire about how these fission products got into Hawaii's environment:

Cesium 137 in Hawaii pasteurized milk

Strontium 89 and 90 in Hawaii pasteurized milk

Cesium 137 in Hawaii rain

Cobalt 60 in Hawaii rain

Plutonium 239 in Hawaii air

Tritium in Hawaii drinking water


  1. Great point about the spray and thanks for all your work and help.
    Oregon Coast

  2. Excellent work, thank you. Why are your background readings so high? I have a PRM9000 that measures alpha beta gamma, and even in high radon areas like southern Arizona, it doesn't usually spike any higher than 75 CPM. Did you take any readings before 2011?

    1. My mistake, those counts were per 10 minute count. Corrected. Hawaii has been quite low since I started testing in 2012, around 25 CPM. Do not have prior baseline.


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