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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Information on Respirators and Face Masks

From Zogerke at ENENEWS

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Sorry to recommend honey well but i like their north line of silicone half face respirators…the size small fits many petite woman and kids…this is the non disposable type…wilson, AO, 3M…they all make decent reusable half face negative pressure respirators…with those you want a HEPA or P100 filter, or best bet invest in a Rescue type emergency filter that. Combines multiple filter media…..needs to fit your face….please ask about respiratory protection if you need to know and i will do my best to answer or link to sources for info.. Still at work so no more now.
a very economical reusable option is made by MSA- it is called the Advantage 200 half face (negative pressure air purifying respirator). The escape combination cartridge is a GMC P100
(p100/ov/cl/hc/sd/cd/hs escape – part number 815364). The cartridge pair might be more expensive than the respirator is. The respirator is not expensive (like 20 bucks?)

MSA is the mine safety appliances company

here is the honeywell/north one i liked in the past:


play around on these sites and you will learn about the respirators. note they come in S, M and L. other sites too.

and, a note about P100 masks. I've worked with occupational respiratory protection a bit over the decades. National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health – NIOSH stamp- MUST be on that filter media for it to be real. It used to be there were HEPA filters- high efficiency particulate air filters. they got rid of 99.97% of stuff larger than .03 microns in diameter. Then OSHA made new regulations about the marking and labeling and production of fliter media. Here is how it works- no more HEPA classification.
there are P100s, P99s, P 95s; and N 100s, N 99s, N 95s…and R 100s, R99s, R 95s. N means NOT oil proof, it breaks down in the presence of oil mist. R means oil resistnat. P means OIL PROOF. The 100 means 100 percent efficient in blocking out particles 0.03 microns in diameter and larger. 99 means 99% efficient, and 95 means 95 % efficient. Hospital disposable respirators for tuberculosis and measkles and other airborne nasty nastys are N95s at least. You can get disposable respirators…and even better (at least in my opinion but not according to OSHA) are half face respirators- you know- they…

half face respirators- APRs – air purifying respirators- look like thiose weird doubler canistered gas masks. The thing about ALL the respirators, gentlemen, si that they are useless if your have a beard. particles, radiation, fumes, mist, will go right into your lungs thru the spaces between hairs in your beard…..drawn in thru the negative pressure created by your breathing. any and every respirator should be fit tested to your face so you are sure it FITS YOU and really protects you.
I got my son and myself new respirators with dual P100 and organic vapor cannisters…and also got some 'escape' cannisters for us just in case too. If any one ever has a question about respiratory protection, i would be happy to answer it if i can, or look up the answer if i don't khnow or are not sure. zogerke. please pardon poor typing.

American Phoenix57

If you detect or suspect heavy airborne radiation use at least a P100 mask or better to filter your air supply and then move to a safer location as soon as possible. Stay out of known vectors like rain and snow and isolate your wet gear after use from the rest of your home or office. Travel through high radiation zones with your windows closed and vehicle A/C set on recirculate to minimize exposure. Once you have the tools to identify any danger around you and maximize your situational awareness your survival instincts will kick in and guide you. Unless of course your pineal (common sense) gland is calcified from years of chugging IQ lowering fluoridated water and you've developed a case of the "fuk it's". If you need that fixed then try 2 drops of Lugol's 5% per day to help purge the thyroid of immune suppressing molecular mimics like fluorine, chlorine and bromine and radioactive iodine. Learn how to use it correctly here:

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