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Sunday, February 23, 2014

St Lucie is getting ready to BLOW, another Nuclear Failure, Kill the Clunker!

I had my kill list for the Midwest, and a nice annotated area map of the worst of the nukes. But St Lucie down in Florida really takes the cake. The heat exchanger (aka steam generator) tubes are quickly wearing out. Gunderson says it is 100's of times worse than San Onofre. ---------------------------------------------

"Growing problem: The story of one tube

"The tube in row 80, column 103 of one of the steam generators at St. Lucie shows how the wear is getting worse.

"In March 2009, the tube showed wear at five locations. The depths were:

1. 6 percent through the tube

2. 6 percent

3. 8 percent

4. 15 percent

5. 17 percent

"In April 2011, the number of wear indications on the tube had grown from five to six and they were all deeper.

1. 15 percent

2. 16 percent

3. 16 percent

4. 29 percent

5. 24 percent

6. 11 percent

"By November 2012, the six wear indications were again all deeper.

1. 20 percent

2. 20 percent

3. 21 percent

4. 33 percent

5. 26 percent

6. 17 percent"

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    San Onofre Tube chart link:
    This is yet another great website for factual info about San Onofre and it multi-Billion dollar replacement steam generator design debacle!
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