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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Testing Radiation in Hawaii

Funny how right after my trip to Hawaii, and my reporting of elevated radiation in seawater, that now there are Bills passing through the government to start a 5 year Fukushima radiation monitoring program.       

The Hawaii DOH, Department of Health, in orwellian fashion, states that no program is needed.   These are the same folks who detected strontium in childrens milk, and then quickly backtracked so that those milk shipments could continue on to the kids.     The also detected tons of uranium and plutonium in the air, and did not warn anyone to simply "stay out of the rain".     These criminal fools are now trying to stop a testing program.

There is one reality of a testing might not be happy with what you find.    And those cover-ups are just SO annoying and time consuming.   Sheesh!

And I reported on Citizen demand for testing last week

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