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Monday, February 17, 2014

Victory List, Kill List, Sanity is Prevailing

As I was updating my list of "pro nuker lies", I ran across an article about a so called nuclear renaissance.     What a joke.

The author stated in Feb of 2014 that NO US nuclear plants have been shut down.  

They included their email is their article, to which I promptly sent them this stinky email.   Their email is

And I suggest you send them some fresh information.


You state no US plants have been shut down?

What a bald faced lie.   All in the last 12 months!

Kewaunee is Down

Crystal River is Down

San Onofre is Down

Vermont Yankee is Down

Just this week Excelon announced plans to shut down 10 US nuke plants, unless economics changed dramatically.

I am emailed this to the author in hopes he will retract this part of the article

Update Feb 2015, he never responded in any way.   Typical ignorant media whore.

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