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Monday, February 24, 2014

WIPP Panel 7 Initial Test Results, Enough to Kill 6.2 Million People

Folks, Drop a comment after you digest this. I hope that I am wrong, I am sure that I am not wrong.

4,400,000 Disintegrations per second were recorded by a Geiger in Panel 7 of the WIPP.    

Clearly, that is where the ceiling collapse took place.    And where they are storing the latest batches of higher concentration Plutonium.    

Plutonium emits Alpha, which is a "weak" radiation if flying through air.   In fact a few inches of air will stop it completely.     But if inside your body, it is like an MMA fighter blasting you point blank.

So if the Geiger is registering 4,400,000 Bq (disintegrations per second), that means that 6.2g of plutonium is within a few inches of the Geiger.   See lower picture for proof. 

6.2G doesn't sound like much, right, except even the pro nukers accept the fact that 1 millionth of one gram is likely to cause a human death if inhaled.     Uh, so in that few inch volume around the Geiger, there is enough

Plutonium to kill 6.2 Million People!    What about the rest of the huge volume on the 7 different sections to "Panel 7"

Apparently, per the Director of CENRC, the activity reduced to "three orders of magnitude" lower, or 4,400 Bq, right around the Geiger.     Cool, so much of the aersolized plutonium has settled down and been filtered too.    Now like to see where they store those filters, LOL, ouch.

Methinks that no one is going into this collapsed Plutonium storage mine for quite some time.

Backfill and HOPE that the nearby pressurized salt brine is not pushed to the surface or into water tables by the nearby fracking activities.    Looks like humanity is on a death wish.


  1. I am just curious and would like to know..I remember the Lake Peigneur incident back in the day and was wondering if anything on that magnitude could occur there? Could the fracking that is being done in the region cause the waste to get into the water table?

  2. The one you mention is extremely interesting

    In theory, the massive amounts of high pressure water used in fracking to break the structure of the earth, could push radiation to the surface, or into other nearby geological formations such as water tables. These guys have been making such lousy decisions in the face of clear evidence that anything is possible. Assume the worst until proven otherwise.

    Do you live in the area?

  3. Radioactive Plutonium Plume Coming Out of New Mexico's WIPP – Geological Nuclear Radioactive Waste Isolation Pilot Plant; via @AGreenRoad

    1. Thats a nice summary from start to current. I watched an hour video from the early days, with all the obvious political corruption, the poly-tics just pushing things through for economic benefit and their own paybacks. Just sick...its TOO obvious.

  4. Not really correct. The calculation is not so simple. The delivery mechanism is the critical issue not the material.

    1. Agreed, by air into lungs is the worst, but loading of bones and liver kind of sucks also. And maybe that number is too big, maybe it can only kill or accelerate disease or reduce resistance to 1,000,000 people. However, the fact remains....humans cannot be trusted with nuclear in the first place, and especially the waste.

      Just saying.....please elaborate on your comment.


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