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Friday, February 21, 2014

WIPP Info, Email from the Lab to Nuke Pro

NEW information on the Plutonium leaking site WIPP--

Large cracks in the WIPP ceilings show extremely weak structural characteristics of the salt, and that it has been bandaged together with chicken wire in most of the storage rooms.     Having highly corrosive salt fall onto barrels of plutonium, just doesn't seem like a smart thing me, call me overly cautious.   

First these nuke pimps store the plutonium on top of the reactors themselves to save money (as if that makes any sense if any proper risk control scenario), and then they go store it in a weak and highly corrosive salt excavation.    Wow.

In some rooms they reinforced some of the walls with brick, see picture at reinforcing steel!     Just silly 19th century "brick technology".      And these are our best and brightest scientists?

Per the initial report from the monitoring agency at the University
Additionally, a third ambient air sampling station located approximately 109 yards northwest of the WIPP exhaust shaft and within the WIPP property protection area (PPA) has not been analyzed at this time because CEMRC personnel were not able to access the area for collection of the filter until Tuesday, February 18th at approximately 9:00 am. Results from this filter will be released once the destructive analysis and radiochemical separation/counting processes have been performed.

As of Saturday night, the 22nd, I have check their website, and they have not updated with the results from this near exhaust shaft filter.     That is very suspicious, considering this is a Plutonium leak as the first underground test facility.     Hmmmm.....4 and 1/2 days, and no results after a Plutonium leak.    I wonder if they are discussing how they are going to "communicate" the results.

Here is their website so you can go check yourself.

This morning I received an email from Russell Hardy who runs the testing lab that detected "transuranics" at the Underground Storage site.    I'll do some back of the envelope calcs later, guessing at the Cubic Meters flow rates and time, and calculate a mass of ejection based on air density.     

Russell states that they havent "had time" to calculate the Cubic Meter.    This calculation is simplistic and quick.    But they have had time for a press conference to say how low it was.   Read the email.

"Of Course" the DOE site storing "Transuranics" has had 2 big accidents in the last 2 weeks.

BTW Transuranics mean rads with a higher atomic number than Uranium.     Its the nice way of saying PLUTONIUM!

Transuranics commonly includes
  1. Plutonium
  2. Americium
  3. and these less likely to find Neptunium, curium, berkelium, californium, einsteinium, fermium, mendelelvium, mobelium, lawrencium, and a bunch more usually named after dead scientists, Google it if you really want to know.

These are really nasty, not just as radioactivity, but as heavy metals.   

This is getting some air on Semi-Main Stream Media --FOX
Four days after a radiation alert shut the nation's only underground nuclear waste repository, an independent monitoring center said Wednesday it found radioactive isotopes in an air sensor about a half mile from the southeastern New Mexico plant.
Funny how they are using mined Salt Caverns to store the most dangerous thing on earth.    It seems to me that salt would be easy to mine, and also not that strong.    i.e. everything we put under earth, will have to be accesible in the future, as the containments will need to be replaced say every 30 to 100 years. salt is weak and corrosive, doesnt sound like the best place to store the most dangerous thing on earth.

Per the DOE website

Project facilities include disposal rooms mined 2,150 feet underground in a 2,000 square foot thick salt formation.

 Huh?    2000 square foot thick?     I think they better review their engineering units of measure, LOL.    Gives you a lot of confidence, right?  

And this picture is also from the DOE website, on the front page.     I guess they are proud of using the "quality" plastic wrap to secure these carbon steel 55 gallon drums before they dump them into the corrosive salt cave.    Wow, just wow.

Real nice....2 guys standing around watching one guy work, wrapping up barrels that are still labelled as "Empty" if you look closely.    On the front page of their website.    That just doesnt give me the warm and fuzzy feeling.   

Wow, this briefing has just lit the main stream media on fire, LOL

Guy doing some brickwork to stabilize part of the tunnels.   As suspected the native material is not adequately stable.   Are these bricks reinforced with steel, very unlikely.

NOTICE--no holes in those there is no steel reinforcement, as stable as a brick house in Iran!    LOL.  
Some background links

Seems like storing barrels in salt caves really sucked for Germany, now they are leaving nuke completely behind and trying to clean up this mess of leaking, salt corroded barrels.



  1. sq.ft. thick--- that's funny math

    Maybe that's the prob with the other calculation---not funny at all. incompetent.

    1. Yes indeed, and this is what the operators promote on THEIR website

  2. Putting waste in salt mines didn't work out too well for Germany:

  3. I think these nuke scientists and industry promoters can ow be defined as belonging to an insane cult. They have all of the hallmarks of cult zombies, Moonies, Scientologists, etc..
    I tuned into this astroid live-watch show (Feb. 18) and tuned out after a few minutes of this lunatic nuke weapons designer (he bragged about it) blabbing on. And they reveal they make fake meteor vids using nuke blast data to create fake cloud-look. It must cost a fortune. Why? Other than to fool the public. They never say it is a simulation on the screen. These people belong in a cage!

    1. The word pychopath does come to mind.
      Lock and load
      Shut and Cask!

  4. "2000 square foot" "thick salt formation" Thick is the adjective of salt formation.

    1. Exactly, and these guys are handling the worst form of nuclear waste we have yet created, Plutonium. And that is on the front page of THEIR website.


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