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Friday, February 14, 2014

You think the USA has some Nuclear Clunkers, Check out Armenia, the Next Fukushima

john dpugh

Check out Mestamor Nuclear plant in Armenia , its in worse condition than your old truck .

One of the oldest and the most dangerous nuke plants in the world.

It was damaged by an earth quake and closed down 20 years ago .

It is so damaged that it shouldn't be running at all , but it produces 40 % of the electricity of the country so they keep it running .

It is one of the worst designs , with NO CONTAINMENT !!! it sits on an active fault line .
Its leaking and poisoning two rivers and causing a lot of birth defects and cancers in the population down stream of those rivers.

Nuclear fuel is transferred through with cargo planes which in itself is a risky operation , and nobody knows what they do with the spent fuel rods.

By the last big earth quake (1988) there were cracks in the concrete walls of the plant , they just fixed them with some concrete and they kept it running .

It s a disaster waiting to happen . Armenia cant afford to turn it off and they will keep it running as long it goes.

It is the best candidate for the second Fukushima and no one is doing anything about it .
This is just one example of the aging nuke plants all over the world . Expect many more Fukushimas in the future.

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