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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Relative Risks of Various Types of Radiation and Whether Internal or External

Moving kids back into areas of 20 mSv/year in Japan in insane at any level, but more insane when you consider that the radiation is assumed to stay all external.    The Rad Crap in and on the soil, and to be washed out of the air will all eventually go into food or water consumed by a  human.    It will almost all become internal  

So for our most likely suspects, Cesium, Strontium, Uranium, Plutonium, all long lived, all extremely damaging as internal with different weighting factors.

It is generally accepted that Alpha within the body is 20 times worse than a high penetration Gamma.    But where does the "20" come from,
it appears to be a number "that the nuclear industry can work with" per Paul Langley.   Now that 50% to 66% get cancer, you have to wonder how much understatement is going on.

But let's assume 20 is a good number for now anyway.     OK Cesium you can have Wr=20
How about Strontium?  The Bone seeker, some call it the bogeyman, the nukers want to keep Strontium (Sr) in the closet.    But Strontium is not just deadly all by itself, it decays to Yttrium 90 with a short half life of 2.5 days, at a wicked world class MMA punch of 2.2 Mev.   So think of your cells adjacent to the internal strontium as a human who takes a big hit from a strong street thug (Sr decay), and then 2.5 days later while you are still trying to recovery, Mohammed Ali comes up and super pounds you while in your already weakened state.   The worst thing for a cell is the double punch, this can cause a cancer or mutation.   Read more here.

So is Strontium accurately accounted for with the weighting of 20, or should it be 50 or 200.    Even in the current University offerings they use a cute “RBM” when talking about Strontium, would the average reader figure out this is for Red Bone Marrow, and that it leads to leukemia.
Plutonium, makes Strontium (the Bogeyman) look like a Leave it To Beaver episode.    We are mostly concerted with Pu239 of which
Fine particles of pure plutonium-239 oxide (formed when plutonium burns) are very intense sources of alpha particles.
          Geesaman and Tamplin have shown that such fine particles, referred to as "hot" particles because of their extremely high alpha particle emission in a localized region, may be 10 to 1000 times more effective in producing cancer than would be expected if the same number of rads were delivered in a more diffuse manner to an organ, such as the lung.
          It is this "hot" particle problem associated with plutonium-239 that makes the contemplated, future, widespread use of this radionuclide as a fuel in the nuclear-electricity-generation plants such an unmitigated nightmare for mankind.
So if we accepted the Weighting Factor Wr for Plutonium as 20 (and ignored it known nasty effect also as a very Heavy Metal) and considered the “repeated local attack” effect of Geesaman and Tamplin, then the true weighted Wr is in the range of 20*10, and 20*1000.     

On the most simple level, Plutonium should be weighted at Wr of 200 to 20000.

This study showed that Plutonium should be weighted at 112,000 compared to a basic Gamma blast.

The University of Michigan estimated the biological half life of Plutonium to be 50 years once in the bones, and 20 years in the liver.    Once in the blood, 45% will go to bones, and 45% will go to liver, and around .03% will go to testes or ovaries.

A lot of the links to radiation resources at the U of M website, seem to have been purged, per the Lawrence Livermore National Lab “In the National Interest” (see graphic below and check it out yourself) 

And this from a Poster at ENENEWS!   This is WilliamBanzai quality, huuwah.    Visual Combat, bring the battle to the tipping point.


  1. Tepco missed a few things on the mural. The whales are supposed to be beaching themselves or have two-headed calves. And the sea slime on the seafloor is missing. I guess this is the brainchild of some PR expert.

    1. Uh, those were on the backside of the mural, after all, can only present one smiling face to the Olympics. Isn't that amazing, take the most highly developed human genetics for physical attributes and send them into a high radiation zone. I added pictures to the post.

  2. On WIPP -

    1. Thanks I saw this last week, Don Hancock does a great job of explaining the Chronology of happenings at WIPP, including some rational reasons why they assumed the best and simplest answers, and found out their wishful thinking was horribly misguided. I will add to the post

  3. If all radiation is dangerous then a banana is dangerous. Is a banana really dangerous? Baby food is made from bananas. You cant say a banana is safe if you say ALL radiation is dangerous. Gotcha.

    1. You sound like an idiot.... Natural radiation has nothing to do with manmade isotopes. You off gas natural radiation..

    2. He is a troll, they can't help themselves.

  4. You sound like a troll at ENENEWS,
    Once a nuker gets backed into a corner with facts, then they start using false arguments.

    Eating banana creates no additional danger. The debunk is here

  5. Hello Nuke Po,
    I’ve been lurking on your blog for quite a while and appreciate the information you’ve provided.
    The level of radiation my Geiger counter reports in my own back yard since the last rainstorm in California (supposedly a gift given our drought) is extremely disconcerting.
    Since I live near the coast I bought the Geiger due to Fukushima concerns. Last year the outdoor readings in my backyard were never much higher than 200CPMl
    This morning it hit over 2000 CPM by my pool and lawn. Where the radiation levels were extremely high my video recording shows strange vertical lines I’ve never seen before. Unfortunately the sun and reflections also affected the visibility on my Geiger screen. Concerned about my dogs I hosed everything down and now it has dropped to about 300 CPM or so. Indoor reading is currently 13 CPM. I have several HEPA filters running.
    I can’t find anything online with clear Geiger stats. Whether they are referring to indoor and outdoor readings makes a HUGE difference – at least in my case – yet that isn’t clarified – and obviously we can’t count on the government with this disaster.
    Is there a place you would recommend where people are clearly reporting their outdoor CPM and details?
    I would really appreciate a full analysis of the radioactive crap in my backyard but don’t know how to go about getting this addressed since everyone seems to be ignoring the problem.

    1. Got it, yeah 20 CPM is pretty good, but that is based on a high quality round pancake type detector such as the Radiation Inspector Alert.

      What is your make and model? The cheaper models will detect less, its called the "efficiency" in relation to the type A,B,C and strength of emission within those types. But using your own same meter and registering 20 as background and now seeing 300 to 2000 is definitely a concern.

      Smart on the HEPAs they help. For curiousity, do a timed count on the removed filter media, you will see what did NOT go into your lungs, and be happy you got those HEPA. Report your findings, although your exterior problem is priority now.

      See here

      I have not bought my own gamma scintallator (yet / maybe)

    2. Hi Nuke Pro, I rarely use blogger these days, but signed in to clarify what anon I am: the one I’m replying to.
      After another hose down, I brought most of my backyard under 200 CPM, but still above the 100 CPM alert level. However, the swimming pool remains over 500 CPM.
      When the rain started a few weeks ago I showed my coworkers how high the radiation levels were outside. One guy thought there must be something wrong with my Geiger which clearly went back to normal inside the office; the other guy started freaking out before it reached the peak.

    3. @Akira
      200 is still a concern, walk down the street and test other areas.
      500 Pool is amazing, as water shields radiation
      Same with water in your soil, if it is wet, much of the radiation is being shielded.
      I did a test in Hawaii with 1/2 gallon of ocean water, I boiled it off so just salt/possible minerals were left,
      Not that bad but noticeably highers than ambient air
      39 CPM salt
      24 CPM ambient air (inside and outside)

      You may want to try the same as a starting point for pool, probably best to use outside grill with some wind.

    4. I have this cheap GQ Electric one:
      It did nothing remotely interesting last year and I carried it around with me to work, the beach, etc. Late December I did get an alert reading on the beach, but it was 150-ish (which seems good now) and figured it could have been due to natural radiation like the guy in Pacifica. Also, the Farallons dump is quite near (SF Bay Area). Shit has gotten out of control in the past month though…and there is simply no old nuclear testing crap/natural radiation explanation.

    5. @Akira, yeah for $150 you get something....better than nothing for sure. But the cheaper ones are less sensitive. So if pinging 500 on the pool.....deserves more investigation.

    6. Yeah, but if mine isn't sensitive and reporting over 2000 CPM when I walk outside, that is pretty scary.
      I tried to send you the large video file but the ISP didn't allow it. I hate Uverse.

    7. @Akira
      Hey I found the Cali lab that offered to do some free Gamma Scint isotope analysis for me. I sent them email to see if they are still willing.
      contact me directly and we will arrange to get your samples tested properly
      stock ----( a t ) hawaii (dot) rr com

  6. Last year the outdoor readings in my backyard were never much higher than ***200CPMl** is a typo. Last year it was never much higher than 20 CPM. Now 200 in the new normal I guess. At least it isn't 2000+

    1. Hey that lab testing guy should be back next week. If you want to get a Gamma Spectrograph on some samples, I will coordinate that effort. We can do a few "for free"

  7. wondered if I may use your research IF I give you credit and post a link for others to come here? Plz let me, know ASAP thank you. U may respond to my youtube channel at wheepingwillow2

    1. Sure go ahead, you have a 1 year permission to link, as long as you post a link back to this site

  8. Here is the missing paper -
    A Perspective on the Dangers of Plutonium


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