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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WIPP Confirms A Leak in the Filter System, Engineer Estimates 10% to 20% went directly to atmosphere

Funny how I regained administrative control over the Nukepro blog 1 day after March 11.    And funny how ENENEWS was undergoing a large denial of service attack starting March 10 and through March 11.
We are striking close to the mark.  
WIPP Admits ongoing direct leaks into the atmosphere that went out through open ducts prior to the filters.
I don't have time to calculate the releases, but in reality they are going to be MUCH higher than previously admitted.      If we take for granted that this "damper system" of multiple dampers would only release .4% of the contaminated air into the atmosphere (which is certainly just a calculation to begin with, and probably fudged) and then we consider that these are the original filters from the original construction, 15 years ago, and certainly they were partly clogged before the radiation emergency, and certainly during the radiation emergency they became much more clogged, well what happens to a flowing fluid when faced with an simply takes the path of least resistance, and a massive amount, potentially 10% to 20% took the easy way out through the open dampers.   
If we integrate the  sum of daily radiation readings on the upstream side of the filters, taking into account the CFM rate through the filters, and realizing the CFM will actually be higher because of the open holes to the atmosphere, we can approximate the release of plutonium and Am to the citizens.    I'll do that soon, not tonight.   And I have 10 or more stories to break that I saved up whilst unable to perform admin functions.  
Here is the report from the horse's mouth or other orifice of that horse they rode in on.    They have more holes in their story than in their ductwork.

A damper system that’s designed to allow .4 percent
of airflow to bypass the air filtration system
during filtration operations has been sealed with a
high-density foaming material. Before sealing
the dampers, a small amount of
unfiltered air was released to
the atmosphere; the WIPP
ventilation system is more than 99 percent effici
ent in trapping radioactive particles. Monitoring
after the sealing of the dampers shows that
leakage past the dampers has been stopped.
Nuclear Waste Partnership, the WIPP management
and operating contractor, is looking at
alternatives to ensure there is no leakage in
the future caused by long-term degradation of the
2 Hours before I lost admin access to my blog, I had busted the former director of the "independent monitoring agency" of WIPP bragging about the super hot radioactive materials they had stashed in WIPP.   They were supposed to just be storing old gloves and such.   
That story is here, learn about the Conca shill.
And a quick calculation I did based on the former directors statements, showed that that had enough radiation in 1 liter of stored liquid, to contaminate 2.5 Billion Fish to the point they could not be used as food per government standards.   
Here is the story I couldn't post directly.    One of the pro-nuke advocates who refers to anyone on the other side of the argument as "stupid" has stated at atomic insights "but there isn't even 2.5 Billion fish in New Mexico".    Makes me say hmmmmm....
(1)     One Liter of the hot waste they stashed into the WIPP is radioactive enough to contaminate over 2 Billion Fish

James Conca, long time nuclear promoter, was caught bragging about the high level waste that they put into the WIPP, and he should know, he was the former director of the WIPP independent lab that is funded by DOE.
He was bragging that they have some really hot stuff down in the WIPP cave, over 7 Curie per liter.    That is really RADIOACTIVE!    If you use the WolframAlpha online calculator, see link
That turns out to be 259,000,000,000 Bq
 OK, how can you wrap your head around that huge number?     Well we know that anything above 100Bq per kilogram is too radioactive to sell as food.    A kilogram is 2.2 pounds.     So a kilogram of fish would be a large meal.  
How many fish at 1 Kilogram each could be contaminated by that small one liter of waste stored in the WIPP?    259,000,000,000 divided by 100 is
2,590,000,000 Fish (that’s 2.59 Billion fish, one for every man on the planet)
Now assuming they have 3000 Barrels of the high level waste?      At 55 gallons each.   That is 624,525 liters.
Or enough to contaminate1617 TRILLION fish
How many fish are in the ocean?
Do you know that because WIPP is closed that they are stacking up the barrels in the uncovered parking lot at WIPP?   Hard to believe?
Here is that pronuke site in which James Conca brags about the high level waste…go visit.    


  1. The Sock Puppet has been over here, blasting out profanity, when will those kids learn....they get so mad when we joust them with logic and links.

    But he did leave a get link for Rad Air Handling by DOE



  3. Rod Adams basically torpedoes your entire premise on WIPP.

    Imagine you thinking there is a massive gaping leak. Not.

    1. LOL, that article by Rod has nothing to do with my factual reporting. That article is about the fire investigation only.

      c'mon socref at least have a point other than wasting time

  4. Apparently the people managing WIPP had so much confidence that there would never be a problem that they just ignored the maintenance of critical safety systems and equipment. This is a MAJOR failure and is the tip of the iceberg, every aspect of operation needs to be reviewed by a qualified independent company to make sure the propoer safety measures are in place and actually are functional. URS cannot be trusted to do this, they failed open. Firing the project manager is right and justified since he obviously had production over safety as a priority, however more people need to be replaced and perhaps the contractor running the place needs to be first!!!! Wake up DOE - get rid of this incompetent company!!!

    1. Most excellently said! Drop in often, we are at a tipping tip, TIP IT.


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