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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NASA explains how we missed 100 nuke plants melting down in 2012, by 2 days

Nuke Pro has been promoting the idea that we have to harden our electrical grid, or risk the annihilation of the human species. Yes, it really is that bad. And get rid of nuke.


  1. YEP been saying stuff like this for years, our 'modern' lives are very precariously dependent on so many systems that could crash us back to worse than horse & buggy days due to all the contamination & panic and lack of survival knowledge. Worth thinking ahead on how to die so that your body is automatically buried (or burned) using a counter balanced mound of dirt and flip up marker. (we have plenty of buzzards and critters that I would prefer not pick at my dead carcass around here.)

    1. LOL, indeed, I shall focus my efforts on how to live. Good luck!


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