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Friday, April 11, 2014

Word Is Slowly Getting out to New Mexico

This log using a new visit counter shows that the message is getting out, at least a little to people in NM.    Be nice to see, say 3000 hits from there though?

Radiation is not a "specialty" that anyone ought to strive to be in.     With exception of some rare nuke medicine and imaging that cannot be better accomplished another way.    And that is a small field.     

GE still pimping out new Cat scans.   Amazing.   


  1. I just found out Idaho Nat'l. Lab has been privatized to this nutty group

    Note how interested they are in bio-metrics!

    1. yeah they look about as evil, or more evil than URS.

      URS is partners with Babcox and Wilcox (who is famous for making defective reactor vessels and then covering them up) to run the WIPP

  2. A whole lot of 2014 documents from WIPP ... mostly about permit modifications ...

    I am reading these:
    Ventilation Fans Inspection Round Sheets

    1. On this blog, I have posted the DOE guideline for filtration for radiation, they were breaking many laws, including the law that says no filter shall be used for more than 10 years. Read up on that.


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