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Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Radiation Still to go into WIPP can Contaminate the Entire Planet

I did some calculation to "bring it home" —just the amount of "low level" waste they want to still put into WIPP, is enough to, if spread evenly among all humans, animals, fish, plankton, plants of all sorts, to bring the entire world up to 70 Bq/lb.
And animals at 30 Bq/lb start having severe health problems

Note that even thought the Remote Handled Waste is only 4% of the waste by volume, it is 3/7th of the total radioactivity.

Per the former WIPP lab manager, James Conca, they have stuff in WIPP way hotter than anything at Hanford, 7 Curies per liter.   That is enough to bring 1,000,000,000 Costco size chickens up to 200 Bq/lb.   

Again, severe damage is done to animals at 30 Bq/lb.      You can't sell any animals over 100 Bq/lb as food even though they are being "diluted" by other food.  

I read a whole WIPP report, they are brutal to read. But amazing truths jump out at you. They pretend that WIPP is only for Transuranics (Plutonium and higher) but it is not, they are stashing a hundred different isotopes in there, including some old favorites like Cesium and Strontium!
In the report they state the future incoming radiation inventory, its 9.81E16 Bq, add 16 zeros.
If you take all of the living things on earth and calculate total mass and divide the Bq by that you get
70 Bq per lb. Into every living thing on earth
Just what is planned to go into WIPP is enought to contaminate every thing on earth to very dangerous levels.

Total bio mass on earth
700 Billion Tons
2000 lbs per ton
1400000 Billion pounds
1,400,000,000,000,000 pounds of biomass on earth
Total Curies of ONLY the remote handled waste intended for WIPP
1.15E+06 RH Activity Only
3.70E+10 bq per Curie
4.26E+16 Bq for Remote Handled Only to enter WIPP in the future
30 Bq per Lb of every living thing on earth (for only the RH Remote Handled Waste)

Total Curies to enter WIPP in future, Remote Handled and Contact Handled
2.65E+06 RH and CH Activity
3.70E+10 bq per Curie
9.81E+16 Bq for RH and CH WIPP in the future
70 Bq per Lb of every living thing on earth  (for the remote and contact handled)

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  1. View their mindset by reading their instruction manuals ...
    Department of Energy Decommissioning Implementaion Guide
    [ for nuclear facilities ]

    1. FCF do I have understand the depths of their depravity as slaves of the cartel? LOL

  2. I dont think either of you know how to do what they do.

    1. Say what? It seems your late night comments from AtomsforPeace are just drunk ramblings. Get some sleep bro, think about it.

  3. Your total curies calculation is way off. Consult DOE-HDBK-3010-94.

    1. BAkarashii! Idiot, the Curies are from the WIPP report, I did no calculations at all, just took their number.

      Sheesh at least read. No wonder Oak Ridge is so fucked up with people like you there.

    2. Get 'em stock! "No wonder Oak Ridge is so fucked up with people like you there."

    3. This is why this guy calls himself "Turd". If the shoe fits, wear it.

    4. A billion chickens... laughing all the way to Costco. ..


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