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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Documentary on Aging Nukes

Contributed by Cisco

For the story of how we got to this point with nuclear power generation, how the industry operates, and the real story of about its safety.

"The series had a profound impact. The stories ran on more than 85 front pages, played prominently on leading websites, and generated thousands of social networking shares and tweets. It also set off a raft of newspaper editorials and a few government investigations. The series also drew praise from many of the scientists and engineers who understand the issues best."

stock…you should have a link on your site to this remarkable piece of investigative reporting. A must read for the uninitiated and a good reread for the rest of us.
Examples abound. When valves leaked, more leakage was allowed — up to 20 times the original limit. When rampant cracking caused radioactive leaks from steam generator tubing, an easier test of the tubes was devised, so plants could meet standards.

Failed cables. Busted seals. Broken nozzles, clogged screens, cracked concrete, dented containers, corroded metals and rusty underground pipes — all of these and thousands of other problems linked to aging were uncovered in the AP's yearlong investigation. And all of them could escalate dangers in the event of an accident.

Yet despite the many problems linked to aging, not a single official body in government or industry has studied the overall frequency and potential impact on safety of such breakdowns in recent years, even as the NRC has extended the licenses of dozens of

Industry and government officials defend their actions, and insist that no chances are being taken. But the AP investigation found that with billions of dollars and 19 percent of America's electricity supply at stake, a cozy relationship prevails between the industry and its regulator, the NRC.

Records show a recurring pattern: Reactor parts or systems fall out of compliance.......


  1. A new book on 9/11 is out. The author knew the Mossad agent who organised the events of that day.

    Dimitri Khalezov has spent 10 years researching and writing this book. Download links:

    Or read at:

    In a 2010 interview, Khalezov explained that you can't build a skyscraper in NYC without an approved demolition plan. On 9/11, the World Trade Center's demolition plan was put into action to demolish the complex.

    Khalezov learned of this demolition plan from his job in the Soviet Union. He had worked in the nuclear intelligence unit and under an agreement between the Soviet Union and the USA, each country was obliged to inform the other of peaceful uses of nuclear explosions. The WTC was built with 3 thermo-nuclear charges in its foundations.

    Note: underground nuclear explosions do not produce mushroom clouds. This is only ever seen when the explosion takes place above ground. On 9/11, the explosions were deep underground.

    More info:

    You can watch the 2010 interview at:
    Video # 4 - WTC's demolition plan
    Video # 14 - WTC 7 (which fell ½ hour AFTER the BBC announced its collapse).
    Videos # 24/25 - chronic radiation sickness of WTC responders (their cancers are not due to asbestos poisoning)

    Khalezov was interviewed on 4 Sept 2013:

    Here is a recent article mentioning Khalezov:

    Another article on the nuclear demolition of the WTC

    Proof of 9/11 as a Nuclear Event

    An improved English version of Khalezov's 2010 article for Nexus Magazine (German edition):

    I know it is preposterous to claim that the WTC was brought down by nukes. But note that the place where the WTC once stood is called 'Ground Zero'. If you look up the meaning of 'ground zero' in the old dictionaries you have at home, you'll find that there would only be one definition. It is what you call a place that has been nuked.

    After 9/11, the US government sent people out to switch all the dictionaries in the public domain. The replacements differed only in the meaning of 'ground zero'. They show extra definitions for that term, to obfuscate the original single meaning.

    For example, if you have a genuine old Merriam-Webster dictionary, you would see this:
    ground zero n (1946) : the point directly above, below, or at which a nuclear explosion occurs.

    The replacement books (even of old editions) show two extra definitions and this is what you'll see:
    ground zero n (1946) 1 : the point directly above, below, or at which a nuclear explosion occurs. 2: the center or origin of rapid, intense, or violent activity or change 3: the very beginning : SQUARE ONE

    Have a look at this video:
    At 6:05 mins, he shows the old and new definitions of 'ground zero'.

    Khalezov's websites:

  2. Quote of Cisco: "Ten billion $USD ($10,000,000,000) is a boatload of evidemce that radiation causes disease and premature death from exposure. The EEOICPA and resulting compensation should provide a significant counter that contradicts the Cabal's dismisal of the safety and the danger.

    "Hot war or cold war, American families have given their health and lives as part of the original mission of the Manhattan Project, and ongoing nuclear technologies. The impacts of cancer causing ionizing radiation have wreaked havoc on tens of thousands of civilian patriots, and their families. The EEOICPA entitlement law enacted in 2000 enables some modicum of compensation and medical benefits. Lump sum awards range from $150,000 to $400,000 and can include medical expense coverage for the remaining years of a living DOE worker. About $10 billion has been paid out and includes more than 40,000 paid claims just for cancer, aside from other toxin caused illnesses." …

    "The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) gives compensation to workers that are ill from exposure to radiation and toxic substances. Since the program began in 2001, they've paid more than $1 billion in compensation and medical bills to workers they've determined are sick from exposure at Hanford.""

    PS: I have a "true believer" in the Conca shill here. Send help, he needs it!!!

    "[whistling intro]

    There’s a voice that keeps on calling me
    Down the road is where I’ll always be

    Every stop I make, I’ll make a new friend
    Can’t stay for long, just turn around and I’m gone again.

    Maybe tomorrow, I’ll want to settle down,
    Until tomorrow, I’ll just keep moving on."

    "Maybe Tomorrow – Terry Bush

    - The theme from “The Littlest Hobo” (1979)"

    1. Stock: Niall appears to be Moe Foe & MF.

      He claimed to work for Amnesty International & lived in Sweden, but not from Sweden.

      I tend to believe you when you say he is from Oak Ridge.

      What is he, the janitor?

    2. PS: Here is the little Mo'fo today:

      I have confronted him, am confronting him, and will confront him.
      I see you have the ene front covered; keeping eyes peeled. 8)

  3. Am starting to see a couple of eery posts like the following one @ majia's, and another such @ ene where the newest Soccer Ref claimed to be a painter & needed to send the unknown "art" via email because they couldn't find a "dropbox" or other file sharing site with terms they could agree with.
    Here's the one @ majia's -->

    You are probably more aware than me concerning vermin, so just in case your attention has been otherwise occupied, am hoping if their intent is ill that they fail miserably, and to that end, good day.

    1. Here's the udder one from 'news. It's a two-parter.
      Don't know for certain they are up to know good, but they sure seem peculiar.
      If you can't trust pastebin/photobucket/whateverthehell, where do you get email with more favorable terms as far as disclosure nowadays???

    2. hushmail is pretty good, check it out


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