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Monday, June 2, 2014

If Possible, Control Your Food Environment, Produce it Yourself

I been 14 hours a day ramping up my own food production systems to supply ALL the food for my family and dogs. So far so good, looks great.

Multiple reasons:

  1. Cali drought means food cost way up
  2. Fed printing means food cost way up
  3. Radiation control of inputs
  4. GMO avoidance
  5. Money savings — if you buy at store, first you earn money, then pay taxes, then pay for food with the piddling amount left over, then pay sales taxes on the food.
  6. Better taste and quality
  7. Somewhat fun and rewarding
  8. One important step away from feeding the NWO insanity
  9. Ill post some pictures at Nukepro in a week or so
  10. Pesticide Avoidance
  11. Shit Hit the Fan Security

Gather knowledge, experience, and don't forget TOOLS and EQUIPMENT now.   When SHTF these will become very dear.  

Get a greenhouse to mitigate climate change  effects on your production

Back to WORK!


  1. Yes, I share your direction. Pictures would be nice! :-)
    Do you also have backyard chickens? My 5 hens have significantly reduced the garden bug population, produce great eggs, and the fertilizer has boosted my garden productivity many times in just a few years. Mine are Polish -- quiet, non-flying, easy nature! Thanks for taking the time to update nuke professional. Much appreciated.

  2. Pictures coming up, finished planting 90% of what we had prestarted. Irrigation completed today or tomorrow.


    and how to cook wild food - (blog)


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