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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Low Quality Troll Invades ENENEWS

The latest paid troll attack comes from MF or Moe Foe.

Spewing hatred, swearing all the time, ripping people a new one.    This self professed seasoned radiation expert apparently doesn't even have a workstation computer or laptop, he just does it all on a phone.    

hmmmm......that doesn't seem quite right.   

The troll is harping on Conca's latest crime against humanity, hoping to increase radiation by 100 to 200 TIMES (not percent) in terms of nuke plant releases.      He left this picture at Forbe's Conca post.  

He laughs at experiments in which sick people were unwittingly given doses of plutonium to "see what happens", and he exclaims "they didn't die instantly!" therefore Plutonium is not as bad as other things.     The arrogance, the pyschopathy.    

At least the last dedicated troll attack was a, LOL, "high quality troll".    Eventually they all lose their luster.

Other trolls have been IP logged from Oak Ridge National Labs spewing insults at the NukePro website.

And some trolls just got to troll away.


  1. I know of that MoFo! That's Niall, or as many have called him "deNial".

    Going to link this page there too! :)
    Oak Ridge, eh? What a maroon.

    1. Hilarious! What a tool, "our best and brightest" LOL, puke

    2. Mr Duff & I have been plagued by this cretin for months now on Mochizuki-san's site.

      Periodically, he has a relapse of sanity and actually engages somebody in something that appears to be conversation. It quickly passes though.

      It's all distraction and misdirection.
      That appears to be his main tactic, shotgun as many sensationalistic posts in as little time as possible to cause the greatest effective disruption.

      He does feel a bit sorry for tsunami victims. That seems to be the limit of his compassion. One would think that if his fibromyalgia claim was for real that he would have more compassion for sufferers.

      Bit my tongue digitally to prevent myself from using links that could lead him to some folks whom are suffering badly. I don't wish that crap on anybody looking for a hand up.

      Sleep well Nuclear Pro.
      If it pleases you, remember Luke 10:19: "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you."

    3. Those comments have disappeared, sadly like so many other comments, from Mochizuki-san's blog as of late. is no help to view that lost comment now, linked in the first comment above.

      What the hell is going on over there?

  2. Quote: "Niall says:
    June 25, 2014 at 6:36 am

    Actually, I work for Amnesty International as a Data and Insight Analyst, although that’s a full time position, not voluntary work. I do help walk the dogs at the animal shelter, if that counts."

    Thought we had lost that comment, Niall er Moe Foe?

  3. Stock, I can't get the comment window to work at Nukepro (server closes unexpectedly error, which has happened every time I try to leave a comment there) so will throw it in here…

    >Hello…*Chants* here. One thing I've noticed about all trolls, shills or pro-nuke enthusiasts, is that they have no ability to connect the dots. Whether from purposeful job response training, or from actual disorders that indicate brain wiring dysfunctions, they all sound like broken records repeating limited (usually obsolete) dialogue bursts.

    I don't worry too much when they sporadically appear on a site to infest their madness since they seem powerless and ineffective due to their lack of real time strategies. I'm guessing their motivation is also tied into a narcissistic need to screech over and over, "I'm right, right, right! and you're wrong, wrong, wrong!".

    My friends on other forums and in private life regard them as as proof that the sadistic system they represent is indeed self destructing from within. Meanwhile, we continue to do our paradigm shift work even when pausing occasionally to snip them on the nose. We are multi-taskers. They are not. <

    1. from
      LastChants Teri -in NE WA
      July 16, 2014 at 3:23 pm · Reply

  4. Sounds like Teri may be having some computer troubles.
    Perhaps a linux live DVD would be of assistance to her to determine whether it is a hardware problem or a Microsoft problem (if that be her OS - no need to know).

    Recommending linuxMint 17 Qiana "v2" Cinnamon. It can be installed on a memory stick. Do update immediately after installation, as the current distros have OpenSSL v1.0.1f, which could be vulnerable to Heartbleed (no confirmation yet). Due to it's Cinnamon, MATE, KDE or Xfce desktops, it appears to not send search results to Amazon, like it's Ubuntu parent.

    Am typing this on linuxMint 17 Qiana "v1". It takes a little getting used to, but it is nice to have alternatives for when SHTF (no pun intended).

    Thanks go out to Clem Lefebvre, his team, and the Ubuntu team for their wonderful work.
    Speaking of enenews, are problems with login, etc related in any way to Microsoft's temporary but very disruptive seizure of No-IP domains?

    I see what may be URL redirection with the top Login and Register buttons. That was another service provided by No-IP.
    Am no expert, so it is a theory for the moment. :/

    Thank you for all you do Stock.

    From Dud, in the Fraser Valley.

    1. Also, there are a few linux-based live AntiVirus "rescue" discs available to check for nasties without running Window$.
      If you would like a list, let me know here s'il vous plaƮt.

      First and foremost, be data safe and backup important data.
      Another approach could be to remove the HDD/SSD after the battery is removed to prevent any possible damage to data during install to memstick process. Reseat battery. Replace HDD/SSD after updating linuxMint and shutting power down (remove battery again before removing HDD/SSD).

    2. Thaks Dud, yeah I get computer idiosyncracies pretty often, and just have to do workarounds as I either don't have the time or expertise to solve them. I AM the "network manager", I laugh when Microfarce advises me to consult the network manager.

      Just bought a new computer, rather than trying to fix/speed up a 2006 XP machine, and a 2009 HP that was Vista (puke on Vista). Stripping parts and destroying those machines with extreme prejudice, LOL

      I am fine with Win 7, as I make it look just like XP and that is great. Backup alternate OS is a bit beyond my reach at this time. 3 major life projects going on and one more in the wings. All part of executing my plan.

  5. 825 comments??? Incroyable!

    1. Thats great number of comments, we need to figure out how to get some real traction, though. Like 800,000 march on Washington for no nuke energy. Ill let them keep their bombs for a spell, the world isn't ready for disarmament. Focus on no nuke plants, phase them out now.

    2. Actually, i think ene's counter is off.
      That is, unless a few hundred comments were "deep-sixed".

      Note for readership & 'newsers that the top links appear to be working.
      Thanks to or-well for that tidbit. :)

      PS: was going to warn, but it appears latest "incarnation" outed itself in a record two posts!!! :lol:

      PPS: neglected to mention and thank others on Fukushima-Diary that have suffered "the plague" upon living there. I apologize for the oversight.

      PPPS: "Focus on no nuke plants, phase them out now." Indeed, O'Neil. It would be nice if this were BEFORE another plant can create coria or poolium. Sadly, i think that is what will happen first, due to incompetence & greed. Cask out 'em SFP's now! Also, adopt Germany's model for Reactor EOL - make the parent company pay for it (what a concept).

      PPPPS: Please, please, please, Ene Admin. Do an article about EPA's dastardly scheme STAT.

  6. Looks like low-quality morphed into "diemos" personality fr. FD, if memory serves. ("Profiling"? no - common sense)

    He became much easier to talk to, but seemed like he didn't have time (?) for "doing the math" for readership.

    Less profanity & greater technical knowledge may distinguish.
    Why they don't just stick with old pseudonyms, IDK.

    Don't need no steenkin' IP address to sense whom am talking to textually all the time. ;)

    1. The following is a repost of my reply at

      Hallo & groeten Meneer MVB.

      It is with regret and a heavy heart on this anniversary of Nagasaki that i write to you.

      I have read what it was that i wrote over a year ago on NukePro and must admit the possibility of mine own err.
      I offered no proof of my contention at that link on NukePro and may have incorrectly grouped 'diemos' with bona-fide malefactors. Though diemos and myself often differ in opinion within many topics, that is no reason for me to besmirch his person. I have renounced my own usage of ad-homenim in mine own arguments (due to the extreme ensample provided by BDuff) and have since noted diemos' own restraint in that regard.
      Though my commentary across a limited range of sites here on the interweb may be somewhat anonymous, i acknowledge that does not give me the right to besmirch others, no matter what i might think or believe.

      My sincere apologies diemos. I was wrong to engage in that manner, and will repost this below that particular comment on NukePro.
      My apologies to you and your readership too MVB.

      This would have been a factual representation, and a better way to argue, unlike my previous commentary:
      Quote: "Detection of I-131 in sewage sludge without detection at the site is a sign of medical patients undergoing radioactive iodine therapy excreting I-131 into the sewers."

  7. They were one and the same with socref, Turd Fergusson (Al Bundy's favorite toilet brand, BTW :lol), et al?
    I thought it was multiple personalities not one person with multiple personalities, yet i stand corrected!
    So he was mentally ill and should seek treatment not only for his health, but the well being of his own family. No surprise, neh?

  8. This is hilarious, the rants here are pure entertainment!

  9. Love you, anne!

    I was practically screaming at my screen until i saw your post.

    What did it for me was the following post,
    including a horribly unbalanced equation "H + 03 -> H20 + 0". That's terrible for somebody that is supposedly a "professional". "His" approval of LENR was the "shit Cherry on top".

    I think "he" grossly underestimated whom "he" described as a "cat lady". Not surprising when "he" prejudiciously demeans her wonderful personality by calling her that.

    What a bozo, and i mean that literally.

    Quote: "A shit leopard can't change it's spots."

    Good job, anne!!!

  10. Thanks for this good article. Good to see it (after the ENE News hack attack)!
    On the same note ....


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