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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Government Employed Trolls Show at NukePro and ENENEWS to disrupt --- SOCREF

Socref shows up again on September 20 at Nukepro, see below, comment was sent to moderation review by Google blogger software.

I received this comment on 9-20-2014

The a "new troll" shows up at ENENEWS and pretends not to be socref, even responding "who is this socref you keep talking about".

But he is nailed out of the gate, using his classic lines of "steam is far more deadly than radiation" and "that dog don't hunt".

A few months back he stated that his wife had died from cancer.   Now just yesterday he stated that his 14 year old son had died from cancer and he was sure it wasn't radiation.

The nuclear cartel is worried, they have their back to the wall and are trying every game in the book to try to extract more money from people, take pot shots at true renewable energy sources, and ride on the coattails of the global warming lie. 

Although the internet is a great tool, it is sad that it is used for propaganda from the Criminals that Be.  


  1. Is it not astonishing that he's so stuck on the matrix's "little blue pill".
    Perhaps it is because, like "little socref" he can't get his flaccid arguments up!

    Red Card --> FukuedClunker/MF/soc/Niall/(EtAl)

    1. see:

    2. Obviously he can't even mount an argument.

    3. Legions of "own goals" lately.
      He officially has no friends.

      "We" are not Legion. That was a pack of demons cast into pigs by Jesus. Even the lowest form of flesh couldn't bear such possession, and cast themselves over a cliff rather than put up with it.

      Respectfully, "they" are Legion, not "us", and i feel for any creature willing to put up with such malarchy for more than a few seconds.

      Note that any post @ene with more than 300 comments or so can be assumed to contain at least some shillery. That is when i avoid reading commentary on afflicted posts.

      Be well stock & 'newser community. Yamashita smile -> ENGAGE. (still not working, dammit!!)

    4. Thankfully, no matter the mass of the pile left in comments, one can still indeed read between his/her/it's lines. :lol

      Fail once again. About noon tomorrow, he may experience "failure to lunch".

      May Yamashita always smile a gargantuan smile upon his gaze.

      Better yet, if you ever meet Dr.Y yourself, smile a gargantuan smile at him from me, s'il vous plaît avec sucre sur le dessus.
      Beware that too many people smiling at him at once may have undesired negative effects, although hopefully that only Depends.

      Criminey! WTH has Dana found lately???
      No slippery rocks 'dere on shore, "by" and little else?

      That's (1 thing) what is being distracted from; am intuiting.

    5. I did a linguistic research on YamaShita translation and it means

      "Big Steakin' Mountain of Lies"

      All joking aside Fukushima means "Island of Dreams"

      It can be tough to get through an Hour of Dana....but love his stuff, you mean what actually go inventory the sea life, when some nuke egghead in a computer room could just model it, and then compare models against other models, which are of course peer reviewed.

  2. Quote: "At full sun, the article claims, the Dsolar unit produces 12 kW of electricity and 20 kW of heat."

    GAME OVER cue 'da Ahrnold und 'da Dohnald

    Hello and welcome to the three-day work week.
    Aren't these machines just lovely in the way we all now have so much super-fantastical leisure time. COUGH ... weeze ... ptooey - DING!

    Whatever they are paying them, it's officially too much now. The only question remaining is magnitude, neh?

    1. LOL hilarious.....GAME OVER cue 'da Ahrnold und 'da Dohnald

      Ya know der eh, if 'da Ahrnold und 'da Dohnald could just get rid of corrupt bankers and nuclea(rats) this world would have a fighting chance.


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