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Monday, November 10, 2014

Hundreds of tons of Fish Dead in Hokkaido Harbor Due to Fukushima Radiation

You know, in a world where you have to go to the Russians, the Germans, and Al Jazerra for real news, you just got to ask you feel lucky, well do you?

And here is a Reactor Bldg 4 meltout, with a "gamma correction" to reduce the side building shadows and show the melted corium from the equipment pool where they were getting ready to load MOX into the newly replaced shroud of reactor 4.

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  1. When i think of Kelp-boy's buddy Cullen, i think "academic dishonesty".

    "Shouldn't the data drive conclusions, not the other way around?"

    We need free and open sourced semiconductor solutions for multi-spectral detection (Gamma, beta, x-ray, & alpha too).


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