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Friday, November 14, 2014

Kakusei: The Fukushima End

This is a Japanese Film about the Fukushima Disaster and it's real immediate impact on families

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Such a tragedy. Horrific.
We could conserve enough energy, by capturing more of the wasted or rather rejected energy, to rid ourselves of nuclear power and it's disgusting impact. Nuclear only contributes 8.27% to our total needs, however, check the graph, and you will see it sure seems like 100% of the energy generated this way (and a couple of others) is rejected. See our governments own data by following the link (might want save these too as ya never know when things just disappear)
We just don't need it. Nuclear power plants only boil water, to turn a turbine, and to do so they create enormous amounts of waste, danger and cancer (among many other diseases) We need to be smart, and say no!
Do not be fooled by the mingling of nuclear hazards with solutions to become "carbon free" it is a lie!
Be wary of all international "deals" to work on global warming. Remember, not only is is deadly dangerous mutating etc.. it generates enormous amounts of heat! Especially when coriums burrow into the earth!
These monsters also contaminate our precious limited supply of fresh water at an enormous rate. It isn't just the ridiculous amount of tax dollars wasted, but the cost to our collective resources, as organisms, is entirely too great.

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Excellent comment. Would you mind if I copy-and-pasted it into other areas outside of Enenews to try to educate others?
Also, after reading your comment I looked up nuclear-energy-water usage and each nuclear power plant uses from 10,000 to 30,000 gallons of water PER MINUTE.

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  1. Title: “The Sorrow of Living in Fukushima tr. by Chizu Hamada”

    Quote: “Making my kids wear a glass badge, a useless almighty protector,
    I send them onto a battle field.
    I see decontamination trucks in town
    There are unknown men in the local convenience store.
    I smell dusty soil from them.
    Plastic storage bags are piling up here and there,
    and I recall there is a school meal center just near by.”


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