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Friday, November 14, 2014

Nuclear has Failed Economically, Even Before the Long Term Burden of Cleanups, Death, Sickness are Taken into Account

This paper is done by a PHD.     It mimics what I already know.    When Kewaunee was purchased as a Klunker for $200M and is shut down based on economic reasons when the retail rate for electric is 14 cents per kWH in the area.   

Then how can Vogtle, at a cost of $16,000 Million and selling to the retail in Georgia at 8 cents make any sense?

Hint: if you live in Georgia, you either shut that shite down now and make the investors eat it, or you are going to have massively increasing electric costs.

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    Quote: “Dear All ,
    This Press Release sent out half an hour ago . Please circulate as widely as possible . My thanks to Alan at Fissionline and Nuclear Veteran Directors , the newly formed British Nuclear Test Veterans group and all the many and sadly departed who have tirelessly worked to establish truth and justice in the UK ,Roy in New Zealand , Alan in Australia , Joe in the US etc .”


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