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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Resource Spreadsheet: Strontium Biological Half Life

I got a new BOX account, which allows you to download some of my actual spreadsheets.

Feel free to use these spreadsheets, they are authorized for public use and modification for any anti-nuclear purpose, and only that.     It is required that a complete hyperlink to Nukepro shall be included in any use of the spreadsheets.

One of the lies the nukers use is the half life, or the biological half life.    Such as cesium leaves the body at the rate of half every 80 days.

No one want to talk about Strontium.    I was curious as to the biological half life.     So I found the best study on humans, from a real contamination in Russia at the Techa river.    The source is cited within the spreadsheet. 
Or view the source information here

 The answer Strontium bio half life is 333 years. I see, wrap your head around that one.
Click the large link below

Excel Biological Half Life of Strontium

Here it is in an Embedded form

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