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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Strontium Solubility in Water, Can it be Yet Another Lie of Nuke

The nuketards say that strontium is not very soluble in water.

Well that's all relative.

There are 1.4 million grams of strontium in Fuku spent fuel inventory.

Do you think it might take Billions of liters of water to dissolve all that strontium?

Think again, in one of its very insoluble forms, Sr hydroxide, it would only take 342,000 liters of
 water to dissolve all of it and transport it into the ocean.

That's approximately a large swimming pool

Good thing they built that plant on an river and knocked the mountain down.   

What could possibly go wrong?    

Here is screen captures showing the asinine build out of Fukushima, all because GE refused to customize their Mark 1 design with high head pumps.

  SR Hydroxide
  342289 liters needed to dissolve all


And here is a great site that lists lots of Fukushima related cams and blogs

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