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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Acid Ocean Wherein Lies the Truth?

Doc Goodheart, who runs a substantial website, and is a prolithic writer and researcher told me this was an important subject to be familiar with.   Our  Acid Ocean.    So I am placing it here for ease of finding in the future when I have time to "run it to ground".
Everyone needs to become an expert on this subject, it is one of those things that is CRITICAL to know.
Acid Test; The Global Challenge Of Ocean Acidification; via A Green Road Blog


I found a number of sites that deal with the pH issue in a fairly scientific manner.  Somehow pH was massively sampled in 1970 until 1995 and then fell out of fashion.     But in that time frame the measured pH was VERY consistent.     Large variations were not seen.   

Now we have large downward (more acidic) changes reported but a dearth of samples!   

 Most of the samples were taken around Asia and upper Eur-Asia

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