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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Brave New Climate -- Stock Banned in less than 6 hours, 8PM New Years Eve

I guess I knew the truth.     I thought there could be some fringe element that would benefit from the truth.   No dice.

Check this out, my pseudonym was black888

Thanks Eclipse – black 888’s comments have been removed and his name blacklisted, as per the Comments Policy on climate chamge denialism, which you quoted.
All references and replies to climate change denialism have been deleted. BNC no longer discusses this wrong supposition but is concerned only with solutions to the problem. Check out the BNC Comments Policy for further clarification. Thankyou. posted by BNC MODERATOR
 Just hilarious, immediately after I post my opinion that I believe in climate change, and post data to backup the assertation, the little boys with big nuke toys at Brave New Climate ban me.     A lone voice of dissent, cannot be tolerated even one day.

here was my last comment:

To everyone engaging Black 888, As much as I’d like us all to tear down the delusions of another petty little climate denier, I’d encourage us NOT to ‘feed the troll’. We’ll just get dirty, and the troll loves it! Blog Commenting Policy: “This is a website for people concerned about mitigating climate change, protecting […]
my response: I would ask questions if I needed clarification on something that was said, that hasn’t happened yet.
I prefer fact based decision making. And that is why I present facts….here is the world wide temperature data from 1880 to 2013.
The interesting part is that cosmic ray effect deniers have never commented on the actual data, or even questioned its source.
That is very telling. My data actually show climate change which is obvious by antedoctyl evidence also, with spiking extremes, but oddly enough in an environment in which the overall standard deviation of the temperature changes is decreasing slightly.
So just because I ain’t drinking the Koolaid, doesn’t make me a troll, except to those who refuse to even look at evidence, real facts, real data. I do believe in climate change, but not warming at this time.
and 97% of all of the models have failed! Yet they are still clung to, for what reason, the hobgoblin of consistency?
no warming for 18 years folks. I also let you download the entire spreadsheet.
Data is here, ignore at your own loss
Well, we do know the level of thinking involved on the pro nuke side.     If they accepted an opposing fact, their inflated egos would be blasted by cognitive dissonance to kingdom come.    How sad these little boys are.   

In response to someone else Edward Greisch commented

TOM: Whatever your hangup is, get over it. You are going to get one of the following:
1. Nuclear power.
2. Intermittent electricity causing a collapse of civilization.
3. Global Warming causing a global famine that kills YOU.
  I see, the lies of nuke framed succinctly in 3 sentences.

And it gets better....did you know nuke can take the world out of poverty, save the biosphere, and create a space based race that will beam down plentiful power to everyone.

No shite, they actually said that

IF we develop the molten salt reactors (such as this one
Then, we would have the plentiful energy required to: 1, develop the world out of poverty, 2 lower GHG emissions (and save the biosphere) and 3, advanced humanity to become a space based race (in which case, unlimited space solar power will provide even more power than Earth’s fission resources!
 Visit if you can stand the stench

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