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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cities Running on Renewable Electricity

One of the lies of nuke, is that "whole cities can't run on renewable"

(might not even be on my list of 93 one liner lies of nuke......check out this Utube video detailing these lies in an entertaining manner)

Here is an update from Germany
Electricity in Germany: Green energy for the first time the most important source of electricity
The energy turnaround is making progress: Solar, wind, hydro and bio gas are delivering the biggest part of the electricity mix for the first time. Second place comes brown coal, nuclear power and stone coal are falling behind.
Hamburg – For the German electricity market the year 2014 is the beginning of a new era: [...] Green energy with a contribution of 25.8 percent is the most important source of electricity. Hydro power stations, wind turbines, photovoltaics and bio gas power plants [...] in the last twelve months produced…


This website is dedicated to tracking those cities that are already 100% renewable or on the way to 100%

How about Aspen Colorado, will be 100% reneweable next year.[tt_news]=337&cHash=f24e4799ad5fe6506f7d40b2cbdcb7c7

This is a small town in Germany, runs 100% on renewable, usually exports power.

 This Pacific  Island is already 100% renewable[tt_news]=180&tx_locator_pi1[startLat]=-14.87670135&tx_locator_pi1[startLon]=3.70347235&cHash=784f71c6824a0cf05b6475d6b023b22e

Burlington Vermont, the largest city in the State, gets all it's power from renewable.

another lie of nuke is that renweable need tons of energy storage and it will be impossible to achieve.

Here I added to the lies of nuke, very good youtube video depicting these lies and set to music. perfect music showing the disharmony of nuclear with human life and all life for that matter.

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