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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hormesis, one of the great lies of the Nuclear Cartel and Radiation Industries

Hormesis is a radiation lie that tries to flip reality on it's head and say that radiation is good for you.

A poster at ENENEWS put together a list of some of the key pimps of radiation, its pretty funny!

WhoreMeSIS is a Siren Song of the Nuclear Village, here are some choir members.

WhoreMePET (Peter Bernstein) Potomac Communications Group (PCG)

WhoreMeTED (Theodore M. Besmann) ORNL & PCG

WhoreMeANN (Ann Coulter, JD) Synd. Columnist & Charter Member WhoreMeSIS

WhoreMeShu (Nichi Yamashita) – Shunichi Yamashita (Doctor Brainwasher)

WhoreMeCut (Jerry M. Jerry M. Cuttler, DSc PEng) Eng Svcs, Cuttler & Assoc

WhoreMeCON (James L. Conca, Ph.D., P.G.) Director Carlsbad NMSU CEMRC, Currently Fotbes Pimp and Mouthpiece of the US Nuke Cartel

WhoreMeMUL (Richard A. Muller, Ph.D.) UCB

WhoreMeVOX (VoxDei) rude anonymous blogger

WhoreMeCOR (Leslie Corrice) – Hiroshima Syndrome & rude anonymous blogger
They are all in-it-4-the-bucks, IMHPO


And I have to Add

WhoreMeWAD - Wade Allison of "Oxford"

A big Yamashita Smile to to all!   Critters must smile too.   


  1. Hormesis of Potassium-40 - maybe. Plutonium? Hell no!!!
    I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night.

    VOX-activated it'sanukularWHORE?
    WhoreMe_CON-College (full scholarship) for the lot! :angry:


    PS: WTF?

    I fear your link for Geiger-Mueller readings may go viral now, and i hope your server can take the strain.

    I hate this shit.

    1. PS: Requesting a new topic, and plume estimates.

      Jet stream seems primed to fast-track. Would Japan be a "canary" to watch on NetC, etc?

    2. WHPPS! Plume estimation request was premature & inappropriate as well as traffic estimate too.

  2. Hormesis "benefit" as seen in graph of Japanese aged 15-19 starting with Chernobyl is a minute barely perceptible dip. After 1991 the graph heads vertical.

    Hormesis is a rapidly fleeting phenomenon with manmade radionuclides followed closely by disease at least, it would appear.

    Wait a moment, what happened in the seventies to cause the rise there. Perhaps "Hormesis" was simply the abatement of another pollution nightmare.


    Not one orca out of 17 remaining female of reproductive "ability" has birthed a surviving whale in over 3 years? FUCKING ASSHOLES! sorry about the outburst. Am mad & sad.

    1. As if the ongoing until fatality injury wasn't enough.
      Insult was added too.


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