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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nuclear Poems by Curly, Never Trust an Atom, and Gratuitous Zombies

OK I am channeling my inner geek, I actually bought my first over $15 t-shirt, LOL.    At the swap meet at Aloha stadium they have cheap tshirts 7 for $20, and pretty good quality T-shirts at 5 for $20.

But I guarantee I won't look as good as this model, LOL

Maybe I'' coin my own t-shirt...."Never Trust an Atoms Abuser, Atoms stay mad a long time"

Yes, it's very plain to see
Deadly toxins kill the bee.
Talk of torture in the news
Death in Furgeson if you choose.

In this age of endless war
Important is your credit score.
"The precious" is a bottom line.
Forget those starfish in decline.

In the streets a protester cries
Wiping tear gas from his eyes
"A little justice would be nice"
American pie–give us a slice."

From uranium's daughters none can run
Sleezyum is my favorite one
I'm sure you've all met americum
But may I please introduce californicum

So well we know it's all a mess
But how can we get redress
Everything tried with little sucksess
Alas, a secret I must nigh confess

Achilles invincible 'cept for his heel
T'was Goliath's fate one stone did seal
But to see this modern monster downed
The silver bullet has been found!

Right in your hand is held the key,
Arrow and stone to set us free.
Slide it in your ignition switch.
Do the implication make you twitch?

Now poke your chariot into gear
Rev your engine, dispell all fear
Have success where all else failed
When you're sold out and banks get bailed.

Into beasty arteries you need drive
For coagulation you must strive.
Stop the blood to its brain
Watch now, she writhes in so much pain.

Now don't feel sorry for the beast
A world's treasures she has fleeced
And to mention not your health least.
Justice found, now the beast deceased.

And some more Snorg Ts Chicks

And is this the new Troll 5.0?   There sure is a lot of money trying to disrupt ENENEWS and the anti-nuclear movement.

And finally, an oldie but goody, 93 one liner lies of nuke set to music and video.


  1. Those grizzled hands don't seem to belong on the same page as the ladies that grace this one! IB positive about that too. Nice atoms! They radiate in infrared-only! Those are the good kind! ;)

    I wouldn't blame Anne (or Mr. Reid, and many others) for not wanting to be paired up with him in a "team-building" exorcism, er ... exercise. I'd love to work with Anne though. She seems to have so much to teach, and am inspired by her too. Hoping her shingles are easing, yet from a former coworker i remember it can be debilitating.

    The truth will out, and balance may tip to the good.

  2. "These atoms radiate infrared only!" :P

  3. Damn it, now am going to have to be proactive & scan his linx too.
    I want to get some work done on my own project, not this.

    Is it even Duff hisself, or a deNiallistic automaton conjured from Internet Archive commentary backup?

    Maybe i am in denial myself. What a putz i've been.

    What is up with the University of Grenada via

    Note, that might not be directly linked by Mr. Duff, just curious.
    http ://

    Please enlist some more assistance in a "team-building" exercise. VTzilla plugin for Mozilla recommended for starters. Not clicking links being examined is good practice. Do so on "real hardware" installations, not Virtual Environments, on installations isolated from main network. CD-only & pull (battery/power) first, then HDD. Remove WiFi & Modem, and other expansion cards to presumably be less suceptible to "BIOS virus". Beware of static discharge. Ground wrists on metal. Avoid slippers on shag carpet, or removing/putting on sweater.

    Joshua Cannell wrote: "It’s not uncommon for the malware of today to include some type of built-in virtual machine detection."
    quoted from: … detection/

    Joshua Cannell wrote: "It’s not so much what it can do, rather, it doesn’t want to do anything. Since average PC users don’t run their OS within a VM, it’s suspicious to be running in a virtual environment from the malware’s standpoint, as it drastically increases the likelihood that’s being analyzed and/or reverse engineered. This is something the malware’s creator wants to prevent."

    Also see:, including reply by OverFlow.

    This might be what inEPTCO is using to extend their XP machines (cheap, cheap) -->

    The other plugin you alluded to (yesterday?) was flashgot, though i have no experience with that (yet).
    I disable Java & Adobe plugins (et al). Rarely do i view video, because that is a productivity-killer, worse than phones! Show me the article, so i can read it (& quote it).

    In "about:config", set security.tls.version.min=1 to disable SSL 3.0, btw.

    May the "Force" be with you. Aloha

  4. ... "set security.tls.version.min=1", unless it has a greater number.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Hey, that Bill Duff user doesn't seem to be the real Bill Duff.
    The insults have been exaggerated! I suppose they couldn't help themselves.

    RED CARD the MoFoe! He (vox/etc) did state that one plant would surprise people, iirc.
    The real Bill Duff wasn't afraid to post his own IP address.

    1. I keep referring back to that pic, and cannot ignore it further.
      I have to accept that he might not have been telling the truth about hisself then, and now.

      I keep thinking "malefactory" crewman. They couldn't help but to attack Anne.

  7. I openly wonder if there is any sign of direct plagiarism by the current incarnation of BD with BD of months past.

    BD accused of being a shill, by a known pro-nuke shill:

    BD tells off Niall (nobody else):

    I still haven't found evidence of him "going nukular" on other commenters.

    "pink Cesium sunset" had been acknowledge as possible by BD:
    Quote: "Helen Caldicott, M.D. has discussed the color scheme in lectures"
    Why did the current incarnation deny?

    Duff (finally) acknowledges STUXNET not possible unless retrofitted: ""
    Is the current incarnation advocating STUXNET as a causal factor now? (What power to run PLC's at the time???)

    Duff on swearing:

    Niall reveals his main tool for critical thinking (instinct):

    A fourth party identifies whom the "nuclear apologists" were:

    BD MO as relayed by Niall:

    Mochizuki's site, before & after changes (where did the comment(s) go?):*/

    terry evans (etc) witnessed what happened to get BD banned @ FD (his Gravatar snowflake here):

    Niall quote: "BD is a shill for fossil fuel company." (no proof):

    more "pink sky" discussion:

    June7 - May24 (discontinuity of backup)

    Quote of Smarticus (about Niall): "I wouldn’t even credit you with the term ‘internet critic’ – you’re just a troll. Probably a paid one, at that. Everyone realized this from day one, not that that will stop you anyway. You’re also not very subtle about it, as you immediately chose a specific target (user Bill Duff) and attack him every chance you get. You also call him a troll before anyone even insinuated it, whereas intelligent people don’t jump to crude name-calling and finger-pointing when presented with evidence. You are also extremely defensive about something."

  8. Quote of VyseLegendaire: "Niall I can’t for the life of me figure out why you keep posting on this site. Hey at least Bill Duff has a somewhat fun personality despite his endless spam."

    Who likes making short ad homenim replies that use the word "liar"?

    That MO seems like the same MO employed previously by ManBearPig & VoxDei (et al).
    Quote of MBP: "I met Edward Teller." I wonder if Duff claims to have too.

  9. Quote of Niall: "Why would i get banned? I’m an anti-nuclear, green living, ecologically produced food-eating vegan, who is trying to help out when i can. Bill Duff works for a poluting fossel fuel company and is paid to manipulate public opinion and spread propaganda, to distort the truth and to lie so his company gains market share in te energy sector. He is also frequently rude and abusive."

    Niall wants money for FD sent to him instead:

    Quote of Mochizuki: "It’s been a week since PayPal closed the account of Fukushima Diary and blocked all of my personal accounts.
    My accountant asked me why I reimbursed “all” the donations of the past 60 days. She says I didn’t need it because it was not my fault but I think it was a right decision."
    ... "I still don’t know the reason why that happened to me. Don’t even know if my donation will be released in 6 months."
    ... "Beneficiary/受取人 : FUKUSHIMA DIARY SRL (not Iori Mochizuki)"

    Quote of Niall: "Public service to protect the stupid from those who try to profit from their fear and stupidity. You may donate to me via the usual means."

    Niall talks with man in the mirror: "You create other accounts with fake names and pretend like people agree with you."

    Duff attacks Naoya Yamaguchi (with a quote):

    Niall seemed also focused on donation links:

  10. Quote of Duff: "Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant"
    He seemed to have good command of Latin.

    Quote of Duff (+ "Friendly Fire"): "I operated electron microscopes, and took quantum physics in frigging college."

    Quote of Duff: "Dud, You surprise me; you have successfully SHAMED Niall-in-Sweden, the cold-hearted, lying, stupid TROLL. I did not think it possible."

    Quote of Duff: "The biggest inherent design defect is that the metal shell and concrete containment are physically too small to hold the radioactive steam inside, in the event that the nuclear reactor springs a major leak. So the radioactive steam escapes and contaminates the surrounding region."

    Quote of Duff: "Niall asked for and received IP addresses: Your public IP address is (

    The Dud and I are different guys. Dud generally appears to do his homework. However I have not verified everything he says, and can not always speak to the detailed accuracy."

    I think The Duff on enenews is different from the Duff formerly found on Fukushima-Diary. I hope the aforementioned links and quotes can help expose a fraud, should one be on a mission of impersonation & discreditation.
    Note that in the less than 3 months of incomplete archives of comments, we have record of only four (at most) unprovoked ah homenim attacks by Bill Duff. Those attacks, except the one on Nayoa Yamaguchi, are far less manacing than those on enenews by DC Duff.

    Note that he also would freely give credit where credit was due:

    WHO is posting in his name on enenews? Does the DC Duff have a verifiable history? It took that commenter less than a day to outdo the previous benchmark of ad homenim attacks by the FD Duff.

    This current incarnation doesn't seem to follow FD-Duff's previous habits, nor does he seem to have his grasp of facts, in my humble opinion.

    I think it is the "malefactory" crew, imo.

    If it be a doppleganger, i would hate to think later that i did nothing to come to the defense of a friendly.
    If it is the real Duff, WTF happened to him???

  11. If you didn't get all 6 parts of that rehash of the past, let me know & i shall repost the missing parts. :)

  12. PS: Terry's email address can be found here -->

    Sadly, after opening that address, it takes me back to the latest, instead of page 6. One has to scroll to the bottom to find the link for [older messages], then hit "prev" to scroll back to page 6. I would simply post his email address, yet that doesn't seem like a good thing to do.

    In addition, it would appear the Cbox archive only goes back to August, which was after the Duff ban.

  13. B.D. might stand for many things.
    Team player ain't one of them, at least as far as the DC incarnation is concerned.

    Browbeating Damsels? Give your head a shake! :angry:


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