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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sources of Radiation in the United States

A new reader (well a new participant) at ENENEWS had this to say, and then the following list of radiation source terms in the United States.    I thought that "bowling" deserved some kudo's and I encourage them to write more.  

I love you all so much. stock, onto, obe, chas, bo, code, heart, dick, calif, roger, tacoma, joy, cisco, dosdos, johnny, really everyone. i am so sick. i was raised in triple threat area. downwinder, underground nuc detonations at the headwaters of the colorado river by aspen colorado of all places. finally shitloads of uranium mines, mill tailings going into. the colorado river. i would say the colorado river and lake powell are among of the most radioactive water bodies in the world. why do we allow these criminals to build nuclear reactors in places like japan? there was a huge uranium mill in the heart of my town. they will never clean up the radioactive mess they have created. we are floating on radioactive ooze.

  • bowling
    I am new here. thanks bo. people do not take into consideration processing facilities in japan that are at risk from earthquakes. Hospital radioisotopes. Nuclear waste dumps there.
    The united states is probably the most radioactive contaminated place in the world.
    The united states is so badly contaminated now few people can truly comprehend it. From the old uranium enrichment mills in paducah Kentucky and Ohio to the grotesque contamination of los alamos, oak-ridge Tennessee, Hanford, skull valley ut.  IDAHO, NEVADA, The ROCKY Mountain flats.  California . Oklahoma kerr magee.
    The numerous depleted uranium mortar sites all over the united states from Indiana to California to ny state to Georgia to virginia on tens of thousands of acres run by army, navy, airforce.  
    The radioactive waste dump burning under st louis as we speak. 
    Barges of radioactive waste sunk in the great lakes Mississippi. Off the coast. 
    Nuclear ships sank off the coast or in bays. 
    There were dozens of underground nuclear bombs detonated all over the country not just in nevada.  In alaska, miss, georgia, colorado, new mexico, texas, tennessee. 
    Low level dumps of radioactive materials in utah and texas from other counties we were not told about. 
    The huge high level dumps in Carlsbad NM called WIPP that just caught fire. 
    All the 100 reactors with the  ground and waste  pools and water bodies around them.  Radioactive contamination extending out for 50 miles with…

    low level waste dumps with radioactive waste from other countries
  • bowling
    More than 5000 nuclear waste sites, superfund sites, highly radioactive, low level sites, test  sites all over usa.
    Fracking water that is radioactive.  Industrial dumps in our backyards that we are not aware of much less them being radioactive.
    All the radium deposited in ground from fossil fuel burning from vehicles jets power plants. 
    Uranium tailings.
    Medical waste.
    Bomb arsenals and missiles spread across us and Alaska.
    The heavy contamination we have gotten from Fukushima.

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