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Friday, January 9, 2015

Climate Change, Dead Birds, Carbon Tax, NWO Globalist Asshats

"that the birds appear to be starving to death, so experts don't believe a toxin is the culprit."
Scientist #1: Hey Joe, there be dead birds.
Scientist #2: Must be due to climate change, time to push for that carbon tax.
Scientist #1: Ummmm, how is a carbon tax going to help the birds?
S #2: We are too carbon addicted. Birds will come back once the new carbon-free era arrives.
S #1: Ummm. the sea lions are dying too, and the sea otters, the starfish, the orcas, the salmon, the walruses…will a carbon tax save them?
S#2: Silly you, you know as well as I do that the carbon tax is a joke. I only bring it up because my funding is climate change dependent, I am not really speaking as a scientist, rather as a shill.
S#1: Shill enough, that's what you are. Me? I am going to get on social media and try to kindle a fire under the sleeping masses to warn them abou the bird die-off.
S#2: Good luck

pinksailmatt pinksailmatt
And you guys know…of course…that the reasons Climate Change is even on the table right now, is that it is a very convenient excuse for all the radiation damage that we are seeing…esp the drying out of many of the states.
Remember the Summer of 2011…mid west got their crops fryed!
The other issue is even MORE of a reason, and that being the Nuclear Cartel will push their death machines as being the only way to overcome Global Warming.
And they might be sorta right…if the "old fashioned idea" of "Nuclear Winter" sets in. Polar Vortex…for example. Never heard of that till after the $hit cans and cess pools all blew up.


  1. Hey Stock- How does one become an Enewser? I've tried forever to get on but never can get a password. Is that site for real or a total joke? . Somethings fishy alright- in the Pacific, and at Enews. I'm like BF9- losing interest.

    1. It should be easy, automatic account generation on the spot, unless your IP has been blocked, maybe try from a friends computer?

      Let me know if problems persist. The Admin over there is obviously very busy in his "real life". Although spreading the word over Fuku and the continuing nightmare of nuke will either succeed or anyone's other "real life" will not have long term value.

    2. Whats the security situation? Have you ever been hassled online? I ask because this is all weird. I've been a "lurker" but i've been here since day 1. too bad enews doesn't want to see some 12.17. But again, can't get on there. perhaps I should publish here. Let me know how to do that

    3. If you have an article, send it to me and i will review, I may or may not publish. and it can't be overtly commercial in purpose

      12.17 what do you mean

    4. Stock- You never answered my inquiry about how heavily you are being hassled if at all, for your affiliation with enews as simply an interested observer or opinionated to the point of being an irritant to those who have an opposing viewpoint (status quo) .
      I wonder what kind of monitoring you've experienced- I'm sure it only slows you down, but it might be intimidating to others who would surely have more to bring to the discussion than supposed ufo sightings- credibility is, from my perspective, becoming the site's biggest obstacle- far beyond the trolls. Most observations of the cam-watchers can be explained quite simply without a lot of melodrama. But, ask them what that number means.

    5. @anon, well certainly the nuke cartel has sent trolls just to try to disgust me away, and they have orchestrated a stuxnet type virus on my computer.

      But for specifically being part of ENE I can't say that is a specific reason to target me....except the obvious. If ENE has 26000 followers, only 1 in a 100 or less will follow. that means ENE is getting to 2.6M people maybe 7 million.

      That can create a tipping point.....the bronto is scared.

    6. @anon, you probably noticed....I don't "play cam"

  2. is this the correct address to send correspondence- Or is there a better way?

    1. uH, not sure your intentions, that is a blog address. You can leave a comment, or send an email.

  3. Email address? What is it? I'm glad to see you working with Dana. If ever there was a thankless job, he's doing it. I don't know how the man maintains his sanity at this point. His entire world has crumbled. I have to tell you that I cannot bear to read his posts- they're beyond sick. But I do when I am in a mindset that allows one to digest the impossible. Not often. Just Enough to be sickened beyond any unit of measurement. There is no rock big enough to crawl under- no hole deep enough to hide from the truth. How do we all sleep at night. Knowing is a burden. Not having any answers is an even bigger one


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