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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dana Durnford -- Needs Some Support, You Got a Digital Camera, Let's Go

I have been corresponding with Dana Durnford and offering my services for any engineering or research/analysis he could use to support his studies.   

He humbly said, stock you are already doing enough, your website is a full time job.

But I did finally get him to come up with an idea....

BTW his email is    He wants you to send him pictures at the beach, or to post them up on the net, and send him the link.

See my plan below.   

Data and Facts beat the heck out of speculation and parroting back what others have said.   

So here is the plan of action to help Dana.    I want several hundred people on the West Coast USA, West Coast Canada, Alaska including the whole Aleutian chain, Hawaii, Saipan, Guam, JAPAN to take pictures as follows and send to Dana's email or maybe best, to post them up on a photo sharing website and send him the link (so his email is not deluged with too many pictures)

1) Take picture of Beaches, Tide Pools, Wharf Pilings, if you have a date or date/time function on your camera, turn it on.

2) If you don't have date or time function, create the file name as 010815 8AM <place name or GPS coordinates>

3) If the above is too complicated, just send the pictures and describe the place and date and time taken.     Try to indicate high or low tide if you can, but pictures at low tide make sense.    Just Google your place name and the word tide and you should easily find a tide calender so you can plan your trip to the beach.

4) IF you have a GPS, take the GPS coordinates of the place you took the pictures.     Using some Google Earth tools, the pictures can be embedded on a map in fairly automatic fashion using the GPS coordinates.    This could eventually make a striking graphical presentation.    Enough to wake up the sheeple, at least we can try.   

Repost this message on sites on the selected target areas, get others to join in.

Less than 1 person out of 100 actually takes any action.   Be that one person.
Look at the email above from last night, and Dana has already processed and uploaded his video and photo documentation of the trip.

Here is some more Durnford Work


  1. I suspect a lot of your readers as well as fans of Dana may not actually live near a beach, tide pool, wharf, etc. Maybe near a lake and more likely on a river. I live near the Rio Grande, but it is too swampy and overgrown to easily walk down to that beach. There is an off-shoot small recreation area called Tingley Beach south of Central Ave., east of the Rio, with large ponds/small lakes, catch/release fishing, and many water birds which follow the river over the seasons, as well as birds and other wildlife in the Bosque (forest) nearby along the river. A Green Heron was seen at the Beach last summer, either an off-course bird or a new migrant, who knows? This is the Land of Enchantment after all. But I'll watch for oddities and also pass along any reports of anything new or out of place along our stretch of river through Albuquerque.

    1. Sure, feel free to send pictures my way also, we can start an environmental consortium of picture proof. When things start improving, even the old pix will be good incentive to keep going the right way.

  2. This guy is full of it. The pacific is NOT DEAD from fukushima radiation.
    I live right close to the ocean a 5 minute drive and I was there today.. Birds sea weed etc..
    This Dana guy is a scam artist in my opinion.

  3. I've always wondered how people can be so blinded and obtuse about reality that is right in front of their face, and refuse to accept anything that doesn't fit what they have been told. They don't even research, read, or attempt to find out the truth.

    There is an abundance of photographic and scientific evidence proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that radiation levels, not only in the Pacific but on the land in the USA in orange grove leafs in Florida, and also soil itself in most of the West Coast.

    The Federal Government has raised radiation levels claiming they are safe (pure evil lies), the EPA has shut down over 90 of the 150 radiation level measuring stations throughout the USA, and Japan passed Secrets Law where if any person or journalist even mentions radiation to the public they will be arrested and prosecuted!

    Yet, there are still people who refuse to accept that something stinks to high heaven.

    If you want to know who controls you, simply look at who you are not allowed to criticize. - Voltaire.


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