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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Experimentation on the Planet and Species

What Have They Done…

The World and Anything Living Are Not Something To use As An Experiment For The Curiosity or the GREED.

  1. Nuclear Power Plants
  2. Radiation
  3. Uranium Mines
  4. Incredibly Bloated Governments
  5. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  6. New and Stronger Virus's
  7. Diseases
  8. Waste Plants
  9. Contaminated Food, Water, Air
  10. Putting Scorpion Genes into Food, GMO
  11. Fracking
  12. Oil Drilling
  13. Pipe Lines
  14. Sink Holes
  15. Dumping Even In Salt Domes
  16. Geo-engineering: Spraying Anything and Everywhere
  17. Use the Weather as a Weapon: HAARP
  18. Changing Weather Patterns
  19. Iter And Cern
  20. Cancer
  21. Chemo "therapy"
  22. Spy on everything and everyone
  23. Lies about Everything Important
  24. Fluoride
  25. Irradiated Foods
  26. Artificial Intelligence
  27. Drones with weapons
  28. 700T USD in "investment" derivatives for stability
  29. Societal control through mass media propaganda
  30. Depleted Uranium Weapons
  31. Strip Mining
  32. Mutual Assured Destruction
  33. Vaccinations with extra payloads
  34. Mass Extinctions
  35. Deep Ocean Drilling in Methane Hydrate Zones
  36. Mind and Body Challenges From Contamination
  37. Monster size Salmon
  38. Hormesis, Radiation is Good for You
  39. And ya know, don't let anyone tell you, ya know, that businesses create jobs...
  40. Money Printing as a Means to Prosperity
  41. An Atrocious Over Priced Disfunctional Health Care System
  42. Butts that Break the Internet (ok its about time to stop here, lol)

Still sure some are missing, here this now looks like a nice blog post

Full disclosure: I have an evacuation zone around my energy production system.     10kW Solar, evac zone, 0 feet 0 inches

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