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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hanford, A Nuclear and Radiation Travesty, a National Horror

A reader at nukepro asked, what is leaking out of Hanford.

So I crowd sourced a reply.     See links below.

We know that at Hanford they want to do even less than what they are doing.     We know that there are 900% more babies being born without brains or skulls in the area.

We know that tanks are leaking and are far past their design life.

Also they have miles of buried trenches of steel barrels that are now rusted through.

Here are some links, I would like to run Hanford to ground, but am working on some new global warming data analysis.
Hanford babies with no brains or small heads can be linked to radiation

Microcephaly is a malformation associated with in utero exposed atomic bomb survivors and can be induced in mice by fetal exposure to ionizing radiation (IR). The pathogenesis of IR-induced microcephaly, however, has not been fully understood. Our analyses of high-coverage expression profiling (HiCEP) demonstrated that the abnormal spindle-like microcephaly associated gene (ASPM) was down-regulated in irradiated human diploid fibroblasts. ASPM was recently reported as the causative gene for MCPH-5, the most common type of congenital microcephaly in humans. Here, we show that the expression of the Aspm gene was significantly reduced by IR in various human and murine cells. Additionally, Aspm was found downregulated in the irradiated fetal mouse brain, particularly in the ventricular zones. A similar suppression was observed in the irradiated neurosphere cultures. This is the first report suggesting that the suppression of Aspm by IR could be the initial molecular target leading to the future microcephaly formation.

From Anne, a world class creative researcher

From Doc Goodheart, an amazing writer who seemingly works 23.8 hours per day.  

Hanford – Leaking Radioactive Gas Into Air and Toxic Fluids Into Columbia River; via @AGreenRoad

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