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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Illinois Being Worked Over by Exelon Lies

Inside the 200 page report which can be found at the link below

Response to the General Assembly Concerning House Resolution 1146

Illinois House Resolution 1146 adopted on May 29, 2014 requests the Illinois Commerce Commission, the Illinois Power Agency, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (collectively, "the Agencies") to prepare reports (to be found here) addressing issues related to the premature closure of nuclear power plants.
HR 1146 further asks that the Agencies' reports "include potential market-based solutions" to guard against premature closure of at-risk nuclear plants and associated consequences.
An overview of the report can be found here

2 charts make this a NO Brainer issue.     Exelon says some of its plant can't operate at a profit, and some consumers would have to pay 50% more in order to make the plants profitable.
But Illinois is a LARGE exporter of power, 20% of their overall production gets exported
And nuclear makes up around half of all the production, with 6 plants
And some of these plants aren't profitable
Excuse me, but why is the discussion even happening?    Shut 3 of the plants down!    And stop exporting power.
Phase them out over say 1.5 years total.      Keep the best plants for now.


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