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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mutant Shrimp Caught in Japan, Looks Like a Fukushima Radiation Effect

Strangely colored shrimp caught Shizuoka offshore – Photo

Strangely colored shrimp caught Shizuoka offshore – Photo
The director of Numazu Deepblue Aquarium posted on Twitter a photo of the strangely colored shrimp on 12/28/2014.

He commented a local fisher went for the fishing of Glyphocrangonidae, which would be the last time of this year. This pictured shrimp, which looks like a different kind was accidentally caught. The location is eastern part of Shizuoka prefecture.
He said he always fishes in that area but he has never seen such a shrimp before.
The type is not identified yet.


  1. On second thought, i'll just have a vegetarian salad...

    1. LOL I had mussels from Prince Edward Sound, they were great tonight. I have 4 left for geiger testing. Wait is that the wrong order to do them in

  2. Yummm... Does it glow in the dark?


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