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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Play Book from the Radiation Cartel and Shark with Feet

Here is the new Game Plan from the Radiation Cartel

1) Pretend that Cancers are just for the most part, random Bad Luck

2) Go on record as stating the cancer is "the best way to die"

3) Nuclear is the only thing that can save humanity from (take your pick or ala carte) Global Warming, CO2, Acidification of the Ocean, Polar Ice

4) Charge people for NOT running nuke plants

5) Increase "safe levels" of radiation

No joke, they are rolling out all these strategies.    It is a crime against Humanity.


Highlight...bone cancer just "random".    Think strontium from Fukushima.

he wrote on the British Medical Journal’s blog that “death from cancer is the best” because it isn’t sudden. He argued that cancer victims who die of the disease have time to say goodbye to their loved ones, check off bucket list items, and get their affairs in order.
Any pain from cancer would be relieved by “love, morphine and whisky,” he said, and he called for scientists to cease spending billions of dollars to find a cure. He is the former editor of the journal.
According to a new study by the American Cancer Society, cancer is projected to kill nearly 590,000 people in the United States in 2015.
Cancer sufferers and their loved ones sounded off to and rebutted Smith’s remarks.
3) Is this like a circular reference to link to my own blog? LOL

Wait -- pro-nuclear environmentalists? Isn't that an oxymoron? Apparently, not so much anymore.
Embracing nuclear is the only way, the scientists believe, to reverse the looming threat of climate change which they blame on fossil fuels. Depending who you ask, they're either abandoning -- or leading -- traditional environmentalists who for a half-century have rejected clean-burning nuclear power as too expensive or too dangerous.
 Nukepro is pretty clear these "4 Lies Of the Apocalypse" AGW, CO2, pHraud, Polar Ice

They are all either: non-existant, overblown, or not caused by human actions.     I am not a big fan of pollution overall, but we need to spend our efforts on things that make a difference.    Instead the lies are a great disservice.


Exelon is also blackmailing the people of Illinois, pay us more, or we black you out.


USA raised the limits in food 100% after Clintons jaunt to Japan to make sure they understood their rewards for following the modified BP Playbook

Here is another take on the same subject, 7 points, but it's 10 pages long.     Personally I prefer the sound bite approach....75% of readers spend less than 5 minutes at a time on this site.

And proving that not all mutations are good.    Now we are really screwed, the denizens of the ocean are sick and tired of all our pollution and sharks are now growing feet.   Not good.

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