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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nuclear Cartel Attempts to Disrupt and Misdirect, Trolls at ENENEWS and Elsewhere

Another "higher quality troll" appears to be active at ENENEWS

My dog too has a good nose and is suspect of Ness.
Tells me Ness comes across with "impressionable"
nuclear technical knowledge that appears to be
credible and convincing but with further analysis
is designed to create doubt and lead one to
dispute the facts of Fukushima. The Socref
crowd wants to deny that Unit 3 spread Mox
around the world, that nuclear plants are not
nuclear bombs. She is drowning the debate
with technical misdirection. Comes across as
authoritative, authoritarian and stern.
Ness is a heavyweight formidable TROLL.
My dog won't go near.

stock here

"drowning the debate with technical misdirection"

well said Sam

yes, the nuke cartels biggest fear is exposing MOX for what it is.   It is their hope to get rid of the spent fuel which we wallow in.   Yet its failures in all of the attempts at MOX processing plants are astounding, tens of billions wasted on a lousy plan.

They look at MOX as the savior of their precious, in fact it also serves as the end of their cartel, their power privilege, ego, hubris and large incomes.

Expose MOX for what it is, joust on fellow warriors exposing truth.

Angela_R stated:

The most eye catching statement I read in the above exchange was this:

"A criticality is a CHAIN REACTION and it produces enormous heat. And it gives not a sh1t about this heat but simply breeds on and on and on. Which is much more dangerous than anyone here can imagine because it NEVER STOPS."
I will repeat the last sentence : ""Which is much more dangerous than anyone here can imagine because it NEVER STOPS."
If Ness's belief, cited @ 10.33pm, is correct – Why is it being missed?
Angela, that one did catch my eye also.

for a different reason.   it is an obvious lie

Of course all processes will "stop"

I think it is an attempt to incite a higher level of "its all over", learned helplessness

Per Ness response "Their nature is to breed, 'prosper' and grow."

No, coriums will not "grow" nor will they "prosper" will is just a silly word, and based on prior Ness assertion of forever....he is trying to create the illusion of a never ending process of a growing corium.

I don't know the endgame of this type of misdirection.
Coriums will decay as their radioactive isotopes half life away....coriums will also dissolve into the river waters that bathe them, they will have an outer crusty shell that will insulate and protect against water contact, but this will not be perfect either and especially earthquake events will jostle them and break them open.     Coriums will cool down over years, as their shortest half-life components release their energy and halflife away. stock out.
why are ness and weeman so concerned about the perception that nucleoapes have been lying all these years? its because they are pronuke shills that came here
with socref and that hide and come out every so often to do their dirt.
fukushima is an ongoing nuclear catastrophe worse than chernobyl and all nuke have tobe shut down.
here is an article with photos and calculations from asia weekly

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stock here, check out the link Ness provides, and what arrogance.

So listen very carefully because i shall say this only once ( if there had been a nuclear explosion at Fukushima nothing would have been left standing in a circle within a diameter of 20 miles or more, given the fact that when one bomb explodes all bombs present will explode because the chain reaction of one ignites all, meaning ALL the fuel in ALL the pools and ALL the vessels would have exploded in one enormous big bang.
This cannot happen because fuel isn't packed like a bomb. Such a bomb needs devious tricks to explode because Pu and U do not explode when going critical unless you go out of your way to make it detonate. Instead, Pu an U will BREED. In a self sustained reaction. That never stops. Which is far worse imo. Because the sh1theads haven't found a way yet to stop such a wild breeder. I've told them how to do it with this chimney.


stock here, Ness is now trying to confuse, to promote the party line of no nuclear explosion.   The highlighted area above is patently wrong.    Even in a true nuclear bomb type explosion (which Fukushima was not) the presence of nearby uranium or even plutonium in mixtures of 3% to 7% would not "explode all bombs".    He is also using the misdirection of trying to confuse a tru nuclear bomb type explosion with a "prompt moderated criticality".

Review an email discussion with Arnie Gunderson on PMC here
Troll it is.   Watch following links, similar trolls pretty much decimated my main computer with a Stuxnet type virus unlike any I have ever seen before.    

Review here

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